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Some days ago, Microsoft Ads announced its updates and product releases for September. Below are some things advertisers need to be aware of.

In this most recent update and product release, we will see flexible IOs, ad disclaimers, and the Audience Network will include video advertising.

Microsoft Audience Network Video Advertising Pilot

Advertisers can now run video advertisements on the Microsoft Audience Network. This will allow advertisers to leverage videos with a length of six seconds to two minutes. This type of ad is presently being piloted in the US, the UK, Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany. If you’d like to join the pilot, contact your representative or reach out to the support team of Microsoft Ads.

You can check online for a sample of the video ad placement. Very soon, the advertising network will also add video ads on publisher partner placements!

The product ads that are vertical-based in the UK and US Microsoft has also steered to pilot ads that are vertical-based on the Audience Network. With these ads, advertisers can make use of their present feeds to display their auto listings, tours, vacation rentals, hotels, entertainment events, and native environment activities.

Before you will be able to make use of vertical-based products advertisers, reach out to the support team or your account representative.

Product ads inline appeal

In the Microsoft Merchant Center, the advertising network has started to roll out “inline appeals,” and this will bring about visibility into any editorial offers rejections for the Store’s respective policy violations.

The aim is to offer advertisers an organized key policy violations summary overview that drives major rejections.

Additionally, advertisers can directly ask for reviews from the interface of the Microsoft Merchant Center.

As soon as advertisers submit an appeal, they’ll be sent an acknowledgment email that contains appeal details.

They complete most reviews within one to three business days.

Ads disclaimers

Microsoft just launched the “disclaimer in ads” feature that allows search advertisers to make use of disclaimers to assist in managing regulatory requirements like those in the Health and Wellness, Financial Services, or Automotive industries.

You need to know that you must set up new campaigns before using disclaimer ads, and you can only enable them at the campaign level.

Microsoft makes it easy to implement UET Tag with third-party integrations

You can now integrate Microsoft with additional 3rd party applications to easily set up the UET tag. The new integrations are WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Google Tag Manager.

If you want to make use of an integration partner, just choose the option saying “Add the tag through a website editing platform” while you set up the UET, and Microsoft will display instructions on how you can add a tracking tag via the platform you choose.

Flexible insertion orders

Microsoft has started to offer flexible insertion orders. This feature will allow you to now set unlimited or open-ended budget insertion orders.

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