Here at we focus on teaching people about Pay Per Click marketing.  To provide you with the best PPC knowledge we refer all clients onto Growmeo.  Note that we do have team members that are part of the Adogy team.

Our goal is simple.  Teach you everything there is to know about PPC.  If you’re looking for PPC management services, here is what Growmeo can offer!

Pay Per Click Services focuses on existing PPC accounts.  We tend to gravitate toward existing PPC accounts because of our unique expertise in quality score, and our ability to restructure your account to maximize performance. We specialize in transitioning existing pay per click accounts.  We believe that everything should be tracked and help our clients to see everything that we do.  We specialize in PPC budgets starting at $2,000/month using Google Ad.  We also work with  Bing Ads, Facebook and a variety of other networks.  We are also open to working with accounts with smaller budgets.

Each account has a dedicated PPC Account Executive that will ensure success. Each account will have a 2 team members looking over your account as to maximize revenues from account

We believe that communication is key to having an account perform.  We work with each one of our clients to help improve their account.  Our team will go over concerns with clients and inform them if there is something we need to change.  We expect our clients to do the same.  We are always testing ads, keywords, and different techniques to maximize our clients accounts.  Be believe that by doing this we can improve results and maximize revenues.

As part of our monthly management services, we perform:

  • Keyword Research
  • Analyze Web Analytics and Goal Tracking
  • Retire under-performing keywords
  • Add variations of high-performing keywords
  • Consistently add negative keywords
  • Find new websites for the display network
  • Write and test new ads weekly
  • Recommend landing page improvements for headlines, body copy, contact form, and/or design.  Work with design team to improve conversions
  • Increase/decrease bids
  • Track and measure progress on a daily basis.

Finding the right professional PPC firm should be easy.  If you are already running a PPC campaign but think it could do better? We offer free PPC campaign audits to identify your pain points and ways we feel you could improve.  If you feel we could help we offer flexible management solutions and pricing models to meet your needs.  Fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with you today!