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This is a pretty sweet video made by Google about Search Advertising and how Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google at Stanford.  It all started off with Page Rank and a school project.  This has evolved into the modern day Google.

One interesting thing about Google is when September 11 happened in the US and the Twin Towers came down.  Millions of people were searching “NYC Twin Towers” and they weren’t getting the information that they wanted.  So they put links to the people that were putting up news results for relevant information.  Since then they have been pushing the boundaries on what they can do and what a computer can learn from you as a person.

For the future, they want to answer questions like “when is the best time to plant sees in my local area this year”  when that question can be answered by Google, that’s when they will be happy!  Enjoy the video below!

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