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In August of this year, I published an article that made two points on Blogger and WordPress. In short, I stated that Blogger had the pro of being owned and run by Google while WordPress, in Blogger vs WordPress - I am Still Unsure...terms of a business perspective, sold better. I will have to be honest that since then, I have started up and created a dozen or so websites – two of which are with Blogger and three of which are with WordPress (while maintaining some in Blogger and WordPress too). Before you ask, yes, it is knackering maintaining and contributing to so many websites! But, at the end of the day, I enjoy it! From having much more experience with both platforms, I think now is a good time to update you all on my verdict of the two blogging platforms and, as the title says, I am still unsure.

I will tell you my problem. Based on the last article on this topic, it seemed that WordPress was the way forward if I wanted to look at websites as running as business: create the business, make a little money from it and sell for a profit. I currently have a few websites doing this at the moment (I won’t mention them as I don’t want to be a plug!) but I have found a few things good and bad about WordPress from using it:

  • It has a lovely UI that is clean and easy to use.
  • The features WordPress offers is great.
  • However, to get full access to it all requires you paying a lot of money to WordPress.
  • Hosting, I found, was an unnecessary problem.

I love using WordPress compared to Google’s Blogger. But, the two biggest problems was the cost and hosting.

In terms of cost, you can create a website for free – the problem that the features you get are extremely limited. In order to get all the features, you will have to pay a monthly renewal or yearly. Compare this to Blogger, which is free, for someone that wants to start a website and run it for as cheap as possible and then sell for a profit, this is not the best of news.

Then there is the hosting. I understand that Blogger offers free hosting that is owned by Google and that many bloggers want their own hosting so they have complete control of the content they publish etc. However, the cost of hosting is just another cost I have to add to a website that will not make any money in months. As well as this, the hosting I chose which was around $30/month only managed to cope with 50,000 visitors/month – I am slightly worried that my website might crash after that!


It might be because my first ever website,, was made in Blogger. But, I just do not see the appeal of WordPress when there is a far cheaper and free option being Blogger. If the website in WordPress sells for far more than it would being run by Blogger, then I will take my hat off and stick with WordPress. But, at the moment, I am still pretty unsure with what one to use…

Will created Ask Will Online back in 2010 to help students revise and bloggers make money developing himself into an expert in PPC, blogging SEO, and online marketing. He now runs others websites such as Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean Info. You can follow him @willGreeny.

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