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The keywords advertisers choose to target in PPC campaigns is a driving factor to the success of the campaign and the return on investment (ROI) that campaign receives. If you have chosen the right keywords, the traffic that would be exposed to your advert would more likely show an interest in it, click onto it and convert for you on your landing page. However, when choosing the keywords for a campaign, there are many other factors advertisers take into consideration, such as the demand for such a keyword, CPC of it, competition and if it is negative or not.

In general, advertisers want to stay away from high cost CPC keywords, mainly because they eat into the budget too much: especially small ones. On the contrary, high cost keywords could actually benefit campaigns, which is a bit counter-intuitive. Here are some of the reasons why.


High CPC Keywords Gain Lots of Traffic

As a rule of thumb, the more expensive a keyword is, the more people that are searching using that keyword. This means that if you want a campaign to have an instant effect and gain lots of traffic quickly, then your best bet is to use high CPC keywords in order to gain the traffic. This makes it clear that high CPC keywords are a good way for reacting quickly in PPC.


They Have a High CPC for a Reason

Advertisers stay away from high CPC keywords since the price of them will naturally put them off from using them. However, what advertisers need to recognize is that such keywords have adopted a high CPC for a reason. Advertisers are willing to spend a lot of their budget on them, which should immediately illustrate that, for other advertisers, the keyword is obviously working well for their campaign and gaining them a good ROI. Therefore, you should question yourself why you are not finding the same keyword/s good value for your campaign. Is your search advert well optimized and similar in style to the competition? Have you got the same type of landing page as the rest of the competition? If not, you might be running a campaign that is wasting valuable contextual traffic at a premium price to gain.


High CPC Keywords are Sometimes Vague

Although the more specific and niche your keywords are, the more targeted the traffic you will be targeting, having vague keywords is sometimes a good idea for certain types of PPC campaigns. For example, if you want to direct traffic to a website such as Amazon, then having vague keywords is one of the best approaches. This is due to the fact that it allows the web user to browse the website in its entirety – it is more important about getting the web user onto the website than the getting specifically targeted traffic onto the website.

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