The landing page of a PPC campaign is commonly the area of the campaign which will ‘make or break’ it. By this, it is the last element of a PPC campaign which is also where the conversion by the web user takes place. For this reason, it can be considered one of, if not the, most critical element to a PPC campaign. This makes it clear that it is important to get the landing page right, as you might bring the most contextual and best traffic to it, however, if that landing page is rubbish, then it will be all for nothing. In recognition of this, here are some elements you can consider implementing on your own PPC landing page to give it that extra boost and optimise it for the contextual traffic that is readily landing onto it.



#1 Include Social Sharing Buttons

At the end of the day, the people that will land onto your website from PPC will land there because they have a genuine interest in the contents of your campaign. This makes it clear that from having an interest in the contents of your campaign and landing page, they are more likely to want to share the landing page. For example, a tech fan might land onto Samsung’s S8 PPC landing page and would want to share the new phone out of excitment with their friends. However, this would only be possible with the inclusion of social media sharing buttons on the landing page, for which Samsung opted not to include.

Therefore, if you want to gain extra free traffic to your landing page, including social media sharing buttons is the way to go.



#2 Use a Beautiful Image

No matter what you are trying to advertise, the world has progressed to websites which are eye-catching to the web user simply down to the fact that they use colourful, bright and vibrant images as the backgrounds to the main area above the fold. You only have to look at my ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series to realise that the vast majoroity of campaigns implement this. Why? Because a beautiful image, from being on the landing page, is automatically connected to the web user’s emotions more, because it is easier for an image to describe and show certain things, such as emotions, art, design features and more for which text struggles to achieve.



#3 Large Clear Text

In general, the first text a web user will most certainly read on a PPC landing page will be the largest font above the fold. This is natural and an inherent trait of web users. For this reason, take advantage of this and use large font to contain the most enticing of information in it.

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