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Commonly overlooked in pay per click advertising, niche keywords are specific long tail keywords which Why You Should Include Niche Keywords in a PPC Campaignusually result in extremely specific targeting. For example, a typical keyword search phrase for PPC may well be something such a ‘buy a car’. A long tail niche keyword of this could be ‘buy a family electric car with autonomous driving hardware’.

However, the problem is that many advertisers still do not use niche keywords for one reason or another. It is sometimes difficult to determine what niche long tail keywords web users are searching for – for this reason, it can be difficult to identify and use them for your campaign. Putting this aside, there are some great benefits niche keywords bring to a PPC campaign– here are the main ones.


#1 Great for New PPC Advertisers

It can be quite daunting starting a PPC campaign for the first time and going up against huge companies in the paid search results section of Google. However, you do not have to do this if you use niche keywords. As it states in the name, niche keywords are rare and specific which means they commonly have very low, or even no, level of competition. If the competition for niche keywords is low, then you can be your horses that the actual cost per click for niche keywords will be low too. Therefore, niche keywords are actually a great way for new PPC campaigns to compete and gain traffic, as well as this traffic being at an extremely budgetable and affordable price point.



#2 Niche Keywords Gain High Conversions

A common association with niche keywords is the fact that the traffic which searches for niche keywords tends to finish in a conversion, which, of courese, will benefit PPC campaigns. This is because a niche keyword strongly suggests that the web user has made their mind up already about what they want to buy or do. They have a clear idea of what they want: otherwise, why else would the web user be searching for something so specific?

If the search phrase is vague, they are less likely to convert since they seem unsure about what they want to view as a webpage. For this reason, as well as being cheap, it is common for niche keywords to perform very well for campaigns too.


As mentioned at the start of this article, the only problem with implementing niche long tail keywords into a PPC campaign is identifying them to begin with. Not only will a good background into the area your PPC campaign is targeting will help you determine niche keywords, it is also a wise choice to use a keyword search tool to find out what people are searching for in your sector, so you can find potential niche keywords that way.

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