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Mobile friendly marketing is becoming more important than ever. Google recently announced that starting April 21 of this year, they will be factoring mobile friendly websites into their ranking algorithm. With this knowledge, it becomes integral to begin ramping up your mobile marketing campaigns, particularly pay per click marketing.

Just like every other aspect of your optimization strategy, your PPC campaign is subject to algorithmic penalties if you don’t handle it correctly. With the right steps, you can overcome the penalties and get back to where you started, but most would agree that it’s best to simply avoid the penalties to begin with. To do that, consider adding these five steps to your mobile-friendly PPC marketing.

1. Mobile-Friendly Ad Copy

With a thorough understanding of your audience, you’ll be able to create ad copy that your consumers will read and appreciate. The copy within your ad should appeal to your ultimate goal, whether it’s to get the consumer to visit your website or purchase something. Therefore, the copy should be extremely concise and to the point, using words that your audience can identify with. It should end with a strong call to action, perhaps with a click-to-call option or a link directly to your mobile friendly website.

2. Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile

Once you have your compelling ad copy in place, it’s important to prepare the way for the consumer’s visit. The landing page your website links to should be optimized for a mobile-friendly browsing experience. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than a website that will not load properly on a mobile device, so it’s important to spend ample time addressing this key point.

3. Use the Right Adwords

Though many consumers will move between devices to accomplish their purpose, most will seek an experience that allows them to remain on their phone. A large part of this is using adwords that direct your users somewhere they can actually go without leaving their phones.

4. Utilize Call Tracking

An excellent attribute of mobile PPC marketing is the click-to-call feature that allows consumers to move directly from the ad to a customer service representative. For best results in your future campaign, track each of these calls. Any time someone clicks this link, you can use a Google forwarding phone number that will report important data from these transactions. Both the time of the call and the resulting conversions can be extremely helpful in improving your click-to-call experiences in the future.

5. Don’t Forget Scheduled Mobile Ad Extensions

An important part of pay per click marketing is scheduling ad extensions that improve the visibility of the ad to advocate the most conversions. This is extremely helpful if you own a brick and mortar location that is only open for a certain number of hours in the day. The ad can be scheduled to run during your open hours, which will improve your overall visibility and conversion percentages.

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