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One of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is link building. Link building fall in the category of off-page optimization. Links are basically votes for your website, higher the number of votes you have for your website, higher will be your ranking in Google and other search engines. However, it is important to keep in mind that now after the recent Google panda updates getting thousands of links for your website is not just enough to get higher ranking as now Google consider several other different factors as well such as relevancy and frequency of your back links. Now, if you feel that you got more back links than your competitor and you will be at top than think twice as Google prefer quality over quantity. A back link from a relevant site is much better than a back link from UN relevant site. For instance, if you have a website related to “weight loss “than a back link from a health related site is much better than a link from “SEO” related site as health is more relevant to “weight loss compared” to “SEO”.

Different webmasters have their own link building strategies but it’s also important to understand how to use link building to increase your website growth.

Link Building Increase Website Popularity

Every webmaster wants to make his or her blog popular. The key benefit of making your blog popular is that you become able to get a lot of direct traffic every day. Direct traffic also saves your lot of time that you otherwise spend in doing other kind of SEO tasks for your website. Therefore, doing blog commenting and guest posting on blogs related to your own niche help you a lot in making your website popular as you will become able to drive traffic to your own website from already established blogs in your niche. Link building is the most effective way to present your website to this online marketing world. Also, keep in mind that getting popularity for your website is not just a one day process as it requires time and effort to establish trust with your blog readers.

Increase In The PR of the Website:

Link building is the only way to increase the website’s page rank. Higher page rank means more importance in the eyes of Google and other search engines. To increase the page rank of your website you need “Do-follow” back links as “Do-follow” back links will pass the link juice and increase your page rank. You can find the list of do follow blogs in your niche and do blog commenting on them, find Do-follow forum in your niche and put your website link in your signature. You can also get do follow back links for web 2.0 properties etc.  it is also important to keep in mind that don’t be greedy in getting Do-follow back links  all the time as you should also get No-follow back links to make your link profile look natural. There are several other links- building techniques as well that you can use but everything requires proper time and effort.

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