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For a business to be successful with PPC, it needs to have a high conversion rate.

If you are someone who does content marketing, you should get the user intent right. When the content you provide or your ad aligns with a user’s intent, you will get higher clicks from Google, visitors will stay longer on your website, and you’ll get a low bounce rate.

When it comes to search intent, we’ve got four different forms.

We can categorize them into informational, navigational, transactional, and, lastly, commercial.

1. Informational

This type of search intent has to do with when an individual is simply searching for… information. That’s right. In most cases, information searches are questions. Some examples of these types of searches are “how can I work out and lose 1 pound daily?” What’s the cost of beer in Madrid?”

Informational searches aren’t exclusively questions. These can also be in the form of descriptive phrases like “the parts of the human brain” or “the types of search intent.”

2. Navigational

If you’d like to get a particular website content like BBC News Politics content, then you will likely do a navigational search. In most cases, people use navigational search because it’s faster than going to the site to find the resource.

These types of searches work well for a website that has a clear structure. You will notice from the given example above, “BBC News Politics” has a category that has clear subcategories. Google shows this info to the person searching so they’ll be able to navigate to the right page.

3. Transactional

These searches are made by individuals who want to purchase something. Your best bet is to be at the top of a page for transactional search queries relevant to your brand.

There are two unique conversion points of transactional searches. You’ve got the click-through rate to your webpage, then the conversion from a visitor to a buyer. For transactional search intent, the search queries that people will input include things like “shop snorkeling equipment” or “iPhone 13 pro max refurbished.”

You’ll need to do experiments with your ad copy so you can maximize your click-through rate from the results to your website.

4. Commercial

These are the type of searches a user makes before purchasing a product or service, and they are mostly wide terms because of their generic status. Some examples are “cheapest tablets that use SIM cards” or “local Mexican foods.”

When users make a commercial search, they do not target a particular brand. They instead conduct a wide search with the intention of getting led to brands that can provide their needs.

Several commercial searches result in roundup articles or something similar.

These users need answers to their questions, so you should provide in-depth content on your site related to their search terms. For instance, when a user searches “what is the best suit style for the office,” you should provide info on your website that answers the question.

Provided that the content on your site is of excellent quality and gives the user meaningful insights, you’ll most likely see a rapid upturn in your click rates and conversion rates.

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