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Pay per click is now one of the best ways for an individual or a company to drive traffic to their website with the aim of getting a conversion. Succeeding in PPC is solely dependent on you knowing the tips and tricks to help you have the best conversion. Here are some tips for you to get started with pay-per-click marketing.

1. Create a Goal-Driven Strategy

First and foremost, having a goal in mind is key. For example, you may want to drive traffic to your website with the sole purpose of gaining leads or conversion. That is a clear and easy goal to obtain. Determine what you want to get out of your efforts, and set your expectations accordingly. There is a lot to be gained if you are willing to give pay-per-click marketing a chance.

2. Select the Best Keywords for Your Campaign

For PPC to be successful, you have to make sure your keywords are of high quality and relevant. Make sure that the keywords you choose are the ones people search for the most so you can have enough impressions to reach your marketing goals. One secret to the best PPC campaigns is making use of long-tail keywords. The thing is that long-tail keywords mostly offer excellent values, and the competition is less compared to the short keywords. Because of this, you’ll get the best conversions with these keywords if you decide to use them.

3. Advertise in the Right Places

The major part of driving traffic to your website comes from where you advertise your PPC adverts. Do you want to get stuck with Google or Facebook display ads? As far as I have seen, the number of potential customers on Adwords is much higher than Facebook Ads. This implies that, on average, you would receive about three times more traffic from the Google Adwords platform than you would from Facebook Ads. Apart from these two platforms, we have other PPC ad platforms like Bing Ads and many more.

4. Take Advantage of Automation

Bidding for ads manually used to be the best way of optimizing an account, but in several cases, the best way of both growing and controlling bidding is by making use of the automated strategies that Google provides.

People used to consider them as impure or lazy ways of managing Google Ads, but there’s been an improvement in the technology that’s behind the strategies.

When you couple it with strategic and effective management, compelling products, and realistic targets, your best bet would be to go for automated strategies.

5. Always Continue Testing and Optimizing

The biggest mistake you can make is to stop testing and tweaking your campaigns once you’ve finished. A simple trick to improve the CTR is to copy and paste the same ad multiple times while tweaking some parts to see the one that gets you the greatest conversion.  Make sure you modify the copy, headlines, images, or ad layout and see what has worked for you. Marketing and media change all the time, so it is better to test different methods to get the best possible CTR for the products and services being advertised.

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