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With it coming close to Christmas, now is a time that many advertisers make the majority of their profit for the whole year. Therefore, it has never been a better time to read a few articles and Some Useful PPC Articles From October 2015learn some tips to help improve the performance of each respective PPC campaign. September 2015 had some great articles to read so carrying on from were September left off, here are a selection of the best articles I created on PPC.org for October 2015. 


Base Your PPC Strategy On The Age Of Your Product

Some advertisers feel they can read a few articles, learn the art of PPC and make a success out of it. To some extent, this is true. However, an amazing PPC campaign will not make a bad product or an old product a success. Therefore, it is important to realise the success of a PPC campaign is only as good as the success of what you are trying to advertise. For this reason, you will need to adapt your strategy based on where in the product life cycle your product is.


Analyse A Real PPC Campaign Series

Like always, there is a great selection of real PPC campaigns analysed from the series:

  • IG – IG used their brand name a lot of times in the search advert which is effective in making the web user remember their brand. Their landing page was a little disappointing on the other hand.
  • quickmovenow – This campaign is a brilliant example of poor keyword targeting where they really needed to use negative keywords.
  • Coral – In general, Coral had a very good campaign which many advertisers can take points from.
  • Party Delights – Just like Coral, Party Delights also had generally a very good campaign.
  • Euro Car Parts – Here is an example of a campaign that has many areas it could improve.


3 Reasons Why PPC Campaigns Fail

Here are three very important reasons why PPC campaigns fail – this is especially important to read at a time like now (coming up to Christmas) as any mistake to a campaign now will be multiplied due to the surge in Christmas shopping traffic.


High CPC vs Low CPC

I feel that one of the hardest areas to decide on when it comes to creating a PPC campaign is whether you should adopt a high CPC and go for the number 1 rank or go for a low CPC. For this reason, here is an article that goes into the main pros and cons to using a high CPC as compared to a low CPC. From this, it should be much easier for advertisers to decide which strategy, in terms of cost per click, they should go for.


There’s the top eight articles I believe I created in October 2015 that will benefit you the most. I hope this has proved useful to you like it has for so many other people.

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