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In pay per click advertising, there are potentially hundreds of variables you can change that will impact the overall success of your campaign. Base Your PPC Strategy On The Age Of Your ProductFor example, you obviously have the CPC, keyword selection, landing page, search advert and more which all have many things you can change about them. For some advertisers, they feel if they look at some essay writing services and implement the changes that were set out in the articles, this will be enough to save a campaign and help it progress – this is wrong. PPC tips articles are there to tweak your campaign to make it run more efficiently – not to save it. If you want to save a campaign from failure or start a campaign from scratch with the intentions of it being a success, you will have to look to making a lot bigger changes than simple tweaks…


This is where your PPC strategy comes into play. By ‘PPC strategy’, this is the term that is associated with how you approach PPC and your overall game plan to how you are going to tackle and succeed in PPC. For most advertisers, they will have a good PPC strategy. But, for some, their strategy will lack the necessary knowledge of what they are wanting to advertise – this is where knowing your product or service inside out is beneficial.


At the end of the day, for those that want to use PPC to promote a product or service, the most important factors that will affect the success of the campaign will be your product/service and where it is in it’s product life cycle. The product life cycle is a term used to describe the life span of the product from the complete start when it first enters onto the market to the last day where it is deceased from the market and selling of it stops. Knowing where your product or service is on the product life cycle is key to success when promoting it in PPC. Here is why.


Your PPC campaign should vary its strategy based on where your product or service is in its product life cycle. For this reason, here is a basic break down of the product life cycle and how your strategy should vary accordingly:

  • Entering the market – This is the point when you introduce your product or service first to the market. Since nobody knows your product or service, you need to invest a lot in spreading the word through PPC. Therefore, you will be looking more at instantaneous results which will mean adopting a high CPC.
  • Growth – Just like with entering the market, you need to keep investing in promoting your product or service until the growth stops.
  • Maintain market share – At the peek of your product/service’s life, you will want to adapt your campaign to be more cost efficient so that it is cheaper to run long term but will still be providing optimum results. This may result in you using niche keywords as an alternative to https://grademiners.com/research-paper competitive keywords.
  • Decline – As your product/service’s life comes to an end, this is where you have two options. You could either inject some cash into your campaign to give your product/service one last push or remove all funding from it and let it dwindle to nothing naturally.

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