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A holistic approach to online marketing means utilizing multiple channels and using them in tandem to boost each other, increasing visibility and impact across all of them, says E-Web Marketing, a Sydney-based digital marketing agency. The key is to treat social media and paid search as if they are two sides of the same coin.

NewsCred reports 1600% return on ad spend

Sharing some tips on how to play to the strengths of social media and Google Ads, E-Web says that the two complement each other and cited the example NewsCred—one of the world’s leading marketing orchestration platforms—using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to net a 1600% return on ad spend.

Many major players use this strategy to drastically increase their follower counts using effective marketing tools from providers such as which is geared especially for small businesses and primed to reach more potential customers on Google and social media, or via email. Email, for example, can be used to create a targeted list of potential clients, including those who the company needs to bring back for repeat business.

Some other helpful tips include looking for the topics that are of most interest to your target demographic and then creating content that explicitly answers the pressing questions of these potential customers. Quality content supplemented with a call to action compels readers to share it with others who might find it useful.

PPC ads supercharge remarketing efforts

Remarketing can also be used to bring back customers who may have visited a site such as an eCommerce store and may have quit with an abandoned cart. PPC ads can be used to supercharge remarketing efforts considering that customers that are already aware of a brand’s existence are a precious resource. Display PPC ads to previous visitors and nudge them towards signing up or finding out more about your company’s services.

Use PPC ads to hop onto trending topics and contextualize trends to match your services. Investigate trending topics that can be personalized to your brand’s core service and turn trending topics into potentially attractive content as a hook to funnel newer customers in.

Marketers must constantly track ROI and stay cognizant of which demographics are responding to their efforts the most and then fine-tuning the message to appeal to that demographic to maximize ROI.

Social media channels can be used as a free A/B testing platform to figure out catchy headlines and taglines that resonate the most with the target audience, while Twitter is a great place to gauge engagement and then use the messaging that works best on a more focused social media network such as LinkedIn.

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