When it comes to choosing a landing page for PPC, there are many different types of landing pages you can use, dependent on the type of conversion you are looking to go after. One such landing page type is the click through landing page, where the conversion is to get the web user to click onto a link on the page, to push them to a further landing page. For this reason, it can be seen that a click through landing page is a ‘middle man’ of a landing page.

Creating a web page with the sole intention of gaining a click means that it has to be designed a certain way to encourage just this. Here are three tips you can use to get more clicks on your own click through landing page.


Don’t Allow Scroll (Content Below the Fold)

As previously mentioned, we are aiming to get the web user to click onto a link on the landing page. If the page has content below the foldallowing the web user to scroll down, the link that we want the web user to click onto will scroll out of sight up the page – this is not going to help the CTR.

For this reason, look to have a landing page that does not have any scroll – by this, all of the content is above the fold of the page, disallowing the web user from even scrolling down. This will maximize the exposure level of the button/link we want to be clicked on.


Have a Call to Action

Call to actions are something all PPC campaigns should have in them, be it in the search advert, landing page, or both. They enable the advertiser to directly communicate to the web user what they want them to do, be it a click, sign up, purchase or simply find out more information.

It is commonly a good technique to include a call to action on a click through landing page, in the form of a button. By having a call to action button will encourage the web user to click onto it, especially if it appears from first glance that it is the only thing the web user can click onto on the landing page.


Always Use an Image

Images have the potential to be worth a thousand words. As previously mentioned, the click through landing page is a ‘middle man’ landing page. Therefore, the amount of content that should be on this page should be minimal, since the content will be on the next page. A way to minimize the content is by trading some content in the form of an image. For example, you could have reviews stating how much people enjoy using your product, or you have an image of people smiling and looking happy using your product (with the latter being the more effective solution for a click through landing page).

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