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No matter what you are trying to achieve online, the general consensus is that gaining more traffic to a specific landing page will generally help work as a catalyst to your objectives towards success. There are many ways you can gain traffic online, such as through good search engine optimization, social media, back-linking to other websites or even through creating a YouTube video linking to the webpage.

One of the most known as best ways to gain contextual traffic online is through pay per click (PPC) advertising. If you have not used PPC yet to gain traffic, then here are a few reasons to entice you to using the program, such as with the likes of Google AdWords.



Instantaneous Traffic

The great thing about PPC is that there is not a lead time between setting up a campaign and waiting for results. As soon as you allow your campaign to run live, you will immediately start to bring in traffic to your landing page, based on how much budget you are willing to put towards your campaign per day.



Your Advert Appears at the Top of Search Engines

From creating a PPC campaign, you can expect your advert to appear above organic search results. From this occurring, the click through rate (CTR) tends to appear quite high, allowing for you to gain a lot of traffic in not much time, if you should so wish to do so. In general, the further down a website is on search engine results, the less likely they are going to be seen and clicked on (where below the 5th result and you will gain negligible clicks, on average). PPC allows you to skip past this and go to the top of the page, which is a very desirable location.



Traffic is Targeted

PPC works by targeting visitors through bidding for keywords for which the web user searches using. The more keywords you used for a campaign, the more targeted the traffic that will see and potentially click onto your advert.

At the end of the day, traffic stats do not mean much online since it is the type of traffic that counts. PPC helps advertisers get access to targeted traffic that is likely to convert for them. On top of this, there are other forms of targeting in PPC, such as geo-targeting, to further specify your target market online.



PPC Allows You to Schedule Your Adverts

When your advert is visible is an extremely important factor to the success of a campaign, for which other forms of advertising online do not account for. For example, if you are specifically targeting people in the United Kingdom, it doesn’t make sense for your advert to be live and running during sleeping hours. As well as this, A/B testing could help to determine just when the best time to have your advert live is, such as midday, evening or first thing in the morning.

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