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After looking into how PPC works for advertisers, here is now a glimpse into how pay per click advertising works for publishers. It can be seen that you can’t have one without the other. Having no advertisers means there won’t be any adverts on publisher websites while having no publishers means there is nowhere for advertisers to display their adverts. This makes clear that the publisher side to PPC is just as important as the advertiser side. 


In simple terms, publishers that use PPC will place a HTML code on their website for adverts from advertisers to be displayed. Traffic comes to their websites which click on the adverts making the publisher money. It’s really that simple!


For publishers, one of if not the most  important statistic in PPC is their CTR. Publishers will only ever get earnings once adverts on their website are clicked upon. Therefore, having a high CTR means they will make more money. But, like with the advertiser side to PPC, there are many other factors that are important along with the CTR:

  • Impressions – You may have a great CTR for your adverts. However, if you don’t have impressions/traffic to support the high CTR, you won’t make much money. The most successful publishers will have high traffic going to their website along with a high CTR.
  • CPC – Standing for the ‘cost per click’, this is the price you get paid for every click on an advert. Of course, publishers will want their CPC to be as high as possible. However, most publishers won’t know how to do this. Threat not, here are six ways you can improve your Adsense account’s CPC.
  • Size and Type – Adsense provides a list of sizes you can pick from to display your adverts from a rectangular 336×280 to long sky scrapers such as the 600×120. As well as this, you can change the type of adverts you want to be shown from being just text, text and image or just image. Again, you will want to pick the right combination for highest CTR and CPC.

From this, it should be clear that just like the advertising side to PPC, on the outside, the publisher side looks very simple and easy to use. Yet, on the inside, there are many factors which will affect the success rate of your Adsense’s account. From my point of view, I think it is the CTR and CPC you will need to give priority over. Impressions are important. However, there are many many ways you can gain extra traffic. There are only a few legitimate ways you can increase the CTR and CPC.


From looking at the publisher side to PPC, it also makes clear that advertiser’s CTR will get affected by the publishers that display their advert. An advertiser may have made the most compelling advert that is likely to get a lot of clicks. However, if the publisher has chosen the wrong size, placement and colours for the advert, the poor results will have a knock-on effect to the advertiser. Therefore, make sure as an advertiser you advertise on the right websites and eliminate all the poor performing publisher websites.

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