How do I drive qualified buyers to my website?” Everybody has asked this question at some point. It’s why we build links, create content and bid on PPC keywords. It’s the reason we read analytic reports while drinking our morning coffee.

Today I’m going to share with you an easy way to drive thousands of targeted customers to your website, blog or landing page. This method is both dead simple and extremely affordable. It’s a method that isn’t extremely well known – limited mostly to veteran affiliate marketers who tend to keep it to themselves to avoid competition.

When I want to drive thousands of visitors to one of my websites, blogs, or landing pages I use a traffic network called DirectCPV.

DirectCPV offers three different traffic generation strategies every Internet marketer should know about:

  1. Keywords – You can use DirectCPV to bid on keywords, just like you’ve probably already done with Google AdWords. However, DirectCPV is often far more affordable. DirectCPV gets their keyword traffic from all of the major search engines, not just one. They can sell you the same traffic the major PPC search engines sell you, but at a fraction of the cost. While a Google campaign for a keyword may cost $2.00 per click, DirectCPV starts at just 1.5 cents per visitor, and we are talking highly targeted traffic that is actively searching the web for a keyword or keyphrase of your choice.
  2. URLs – URL bidding allows you to advertise on your competitor’s websites.  The people who visit your direct competitor’s websites are more likely than anyone else to purchase what you are selling right now. And like keyword traffic, it starts at just 1.5 cents per visitor.
  3. Run of Network – DirectCPV’s run of network traffic costs $4 per 1,000 visitors. It isn’t targeted like Keyword or URL traffic, so they offer this traffic at a huge discount. If you offer a general-interest product that has a diverse target market, you can use this option to drive thousands of visitors to your website or landing page right away.

DirectCPV has made a lot of changes recently including a completely new interface. If you have tried DirectCPV before, you will be extremely surprised at how different it is now. The new Campaign Wizard makes it simple to manage campaigns and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

In addition to USA based traffic, DirectCPV also has lots of international traffic. If your target audience is overseas, you can get some great deals on highly monetized keywords.

For a limited time DirectCPV is offering $10 of free traffic when you deposit $100. That will get you up to 2,500 visitors to your website completely free.

If you want to flood your website with targeted traffic, I highly recommend you check out the DirectCPV Contextual Advertising Network today while that offer is still on.

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