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Did you know that 38% of people with an active social media account follow meme accounts?

If you follow meme accounts on social media, then you know the allure they can have. Memes are not a part of our online culture, and they make for excellent marketing strategies.

If you’re looking into creating a meme campaign for your brand, you came to the right place. Read on to learn how to launch a meme marketing campaign.

Why Should You Use Memes as Part of Your Marketing Campaign?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, chances are you have shared a few laughs over memes you have seen on social media. Memes not only tell stories and make people laugh, but they’re also effective marketing techniques.

If you haven’t used memes as part of your marketing strategy, there are several reasons why you need to incorporate it into your next campaign.

Inexpensive Content

Memes make great inexpensive content because you can reuse the images others have created. Rather than coming up with the photo or video concept, you can take an existing meme and add a new caption.

Also, with memes, you don’t have the pressure of having high-resolution images than a typical marketing campaign would require.

Sense of Community

Because many people can identify with meme captions, they tend to build a sense of community. When you let in your customers and viewers on the joke, they will have the chance to laugh with you.

Shareable Content

If you’re looking for shareable marketing content, there’s nothing more shareable than memes. When you see a funny meme, chances are you will share it with all of your friends that find the same content funny as well.

You will make a name for your brand; the more people see your content.

Legitimizes Your Brand

Believe it or not, people don’t find a company legitimate these days unless they’re active on social media. Your followers want to see you connect with them and posting about the things they enjoy.

The more meme related content you put out, the more it will legitimize your brand.

Your Memes Should Match Your Brand’s Voice

If you’re going to launch memes as part of your marketing campaign, the first thing you need to do is ensure the voice fits the brand. Trying to imitate the voice of another brand or using a voice that doesn’t fit your company will not prove effective.

You have to think about the fundamentals of memes and how they can help your brand. Memes are not only funny, but they also incorporate social commentary, satire, and even nostalgia. You will have a successful meme in your hands if it’s funny and insightful.

The meme must be funny and insightful while adhering to your voice and brand. Before you create a meme, ask the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What content does your audience enjoy?
  • What aspects of popular culture are they into, TV, music, celebrities, etc.
  • What issues do they identify with?
  • How can you entertain and not offend them?

Once you have the answers to these and other questions, you will have a better chance of identifying your memes’ voice.

Create a Library

If you look closely at all the memes that you have enjoyed in the last few years, you will find that many of the images have been repurposed with a different caption.

To keep creating meme content for your brand, it’s essential you keep a library of images or GIFs ready to repurpose whenever you want to create new captions.

However, if you’re going to reuse an image, you should be careful not to violate copyright laws. Ensure you always acquire a stock image license or find free images you can use.

Having a hefty library of images will make it easier for you to plan content for future releases.

After you have established your meme library, other things that might be useful to have in your archives are different meme types, fonts, and style.

Meme types:  As you build your library, you should think about the different media you can use to create memes. To expand your meme marketing horizons, you can use photos, screenshots, GIFs, videos, etc.

For example, you can learn how to convert YouTube to GIF to get more creative.

Fonts: Fonts are another important component of meme marketing. Some of the most popular fonts are Helvetica Neue, Montserrat, or Arial.

Style: Aside from using different types of images, you should also think about adding your personal styles, such as incorporating emojis or other visual elements.

Memes Promotion

As we mentioned before, memes tell a story that is both funny and insightful. Because memes are short and to the point, you only have a few characters to make an impact.

When you promote your new meme, it will go through an introduction, peak, and conclusion.

In the introduction, your viewers have their first encounter with your meme and first impression. If they like your meme, this is the part when they start to share it.

A successful meme reaches its peak when people take your image and add their own caption. When people have moved on to a new meme, it has concluded.

Incorporate Memes On Social Media

Once you created a meme, you need to publish it for the world to see it and social media is the perfect place to do it.

A great way to post memes on social media is by reacting live to recent cultural trends such as an award show, movie, social media challenge, or sporting event.

For example, if you’re going to post a meme in response to a cultural event, you can post a tweet screenshot with a creative caption.

Are You Ready to Use Meme Marketing to Supercharge Your Campaigns?

Now that you know how to take your meme marketing campaigns to the next level, you’re ready to grow your brand.

Remember to match your brand voice, build a meme library, promote them, and incorporate them on social media.

If you enjoyed these marketing tips and would like to learn more, check out the rest of our blog.


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