If you have read my article that highlights the different types of landing pages out there one advertiser can use, hopefully you will realise that there is a lot of choice and customisation you can perform to your landing page to make it the best landing page possible for your campaign. For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to help you choose what type of landing page you should use for your campaign – after all, knowing all the different types of campaigns will not help you within PPC if you don’t know what landing to use from the ones you know.


Trying to sell a product/service? Use a click through page for this.  The reason for this is that you need to include some sort of button such as a ‘Buy now’ button to solidify what the web user’s intentions are. Once he or she has clicked that ‘Buy now’ button, you will be sure that they are going to buy your product/service resulting in you gaining a conversion.

The next best landing page is to aim your traffic towards a product/service page. This is a page dedicated to advertising your product or service. An example of this is Apple with all their products such as the iPod.

You might also be interested in using an infomercial page too. However, these tend to get the stereotype of being ‘spammy’ and very long to digest and read. Therefore, to keep your conversion rate high, it will probably be best to go for either a click through or product/service page.



Trying to promote something in general? Use an infomercial or product/service page. Either one of these landing pages will be good at simply promoting your landing page’s content. The idea behind these pages is to spread awareness of what you are advertising in a way that will inform the web user as much as possible within one web page. This is done by either making a landing page that has all information about a topic of your choice (product/service page) or by making a landing page with information which, if the web user wants to continue to read, has to scroll to do (infomercial page).



Need information about your traffic? Try a lead capture page. A lead capture page works by trying to get as much information from the web user as possible. However, with this comes a balance between gaining information from them and boring them. For example, if you only ask your traffic’s age, chances are that the majority of your PPC traffic will tell you it. On the other hand, if you want to know where your traffic is located, how old they are, there occupation, interests and personal hobbies, the likelihood is that the majority will simply exit the page deeming it as too much effort.

This is why it is good to offer incentives to lead capture pages such as a prize. This will encourage traffic to participate in the survey or to fill in information more willingly. You will find it hard to get web users do something for you on the internet without getting something in return.



Want to simply gain traffic? Get them onto your homepage. Although it is never advisable to choose the homepage as a landing page, in circumstances, it can be deemed appropriate (such as with Amazon’s case). If you just want to get an increase in traffic, it is probably best to aim your PPC traffic to your homepage. From there, they can click onto different sectors of your website since the homepage should be the portal to any part of your website. This is made clear with Amazon’s homepage that below that illustrates how you can get to any part of Amazon’s website from the homepage.

Amazon's Homepage For PPC

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