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Since a PPC specialist has varied responsibilities, it is necessary to have a certain level of coding knowledge and technical knowledge for you to optimize your ad campaigns and get excellent results.

Learning to code can allow you to optimize your landing pages and ad campaigns. This article will talk about how having knowledge of several programming languages can help in your career as a PPC specialist! Let’s dive in!

1. HTML and CSS

These are the most easily understandable programming languages, and that makes them the most common ones for developing sites. In general, HTML is used to create a website structure, while CSS is required to make these sites more visually appealing. You only need basic knowledge of these languages to create a simple website page.

With HTML and CSS skills, you’ll be able to troubleshoot problems with your landing pages and also include code blocks to make the overall design and implementation of your ads better. HTML5, the most recent HTML version, is commonly used to develop display ads that help attract a whole lot of audiences from several sites.

2. Regular Expressions

RegEx or Regular expressions are formulas used for finding specific records or terms from a large data set. They can make sure that you get valid data according to the rules of its existing field. For example, if you’d like to do an email address validation, you’re required to ensure it has the ‘@’ symbol. With RegEx, you’ll not need to sift through every email address manually, and you can filter the right ones out with ease.

PPC specialists can use RegEx in lots of ways. If you’re searching for some particular data, maybe details of people that searched for any keyword that has the word ‘best’ in it, you can set the RegEx up on Google Analytics with ease and get only relevant info. This will also considerably speed up the whole process, giving you the chance to get faster insights.

3. JavaScript

This programming language is very popular and they are used to make sites more interactive. PPC specialists can use it to add functionality to website pages and improve the entire layout.

You can also track several aspects of your campaigns using Google Tag Manager by developing custom variables. These variables are developed in JavaScript and can be used for several reasons which include collecting user IP addresses and figuring out the precise second that a particular action was performed. Some actions that you can decide to track are video plays, emails, downloads, and form submissions done via a landing page for a particular PPC advertisement.

4. SQL

Structured Query Language or SQL is used to get insights and very precise info from databases. Users can then use the information to report and make better business decisions.

PPC specialists inevitably deal with large volumes of data. You might now be required to understand trends by figuring out the behaviors commonly displayed by several demographics when they interact with your adverts. With SQL, you can use queries to make your data more reasonable and get the info that you need in a couple of seconds.


So, that’s it – our list of coding skills you need to have as a PPC specialist. Either you decide to learn RegEx, HTML, JavaScript, or even all of them, as soon as you know how to code, you’ll surely get better at your skills! Believe it when we tell you that you might find it difficult to stop coding when you start with it as it is very addictive.

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