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Sometimes, when a PPC advertising campaign starts to under perform, it could be considered it is getting to the mature stage of its life cycle. When you reach this point, there are a few things you can do. You can either create an extension strategy to the same campaign which will prolong the maturity stage of its life cycle. The other option is to diversify your whole campaign giving it a fresh new look. This happens most by moving into temporarily. However, if you are use to PPC and the way it works, banner advertising may look a bit alien and difficult to master. Anyone can buy banner advertising. However, it can be difficult to get success as quickly as you do with PPC: it’s a different form of advertising. For this reason, here are some ways to make a success of banner advertising


Choose Wisely

PPC is good in the way it automatically targets your audience through the keywords you enter into your campaign. The problem with banner advertising is that you don’t get this contextual help. Instead, you are what makes it contextual. When you choose what website to display your banner advert, make sure the type of people that will see your advert on the site are the type of people you want to target. If you don’t choose wisely, you may find that your conversion rate, even your click through rate, will start to suffer.



Set Objectives

Most campaigns fail because the advertiser doesn’t have any clear objectives s/he wants the campaign to achieve. If you don’t give your banner advert any objectives, how are you going to strive to make a success of the campaign? You haven’t defined what you have meant by ‘success’ for the campaign. Therefore, before you start, make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve. The best way to do this is through using numbers. Identify roughly the amount of clicks, impressions, conversions you want to get from a certain budget.



Include a Call to Action

A call to action should evoke a response from the visitor to do something you want them to do. In many cases, a call to action is used to encourage visitors to click on the advert. Your advert must make the visitor feel that s/he is missing out on something if they don’t click on it. A call to action is usually quite stubborn so that they get to the point quickly. Call to actions usually work best with image adverts for the reason that there is more space to explain your advert and then include a call to action.



Use Your PPC Landing Page

When you think of it, the only difference with the types of online advertising is through how they get traffic to your landing page. Once the traffic from the advert or other means has reached your landing page, everything is universal. Therefore, don’t threat too much about adopting your landing page for banner advertising. The only slight tweak you might want to do is make the page look more visual with images. Beforehand, PPC got their traffic primarily from text adverts. Banner advertising works around image adverts. Therefore, don’t coat your landing page with text but compliment it with images to keep visitors on your landing page for longer.

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