Facebook should play an important role in your life as a business owner. There’s no doubt that the platform remains very competitive, and you’re required to know the best Facebook Advertising tips to have an advantage when creating ads on Facebook.

The following are some hacks that will help you set up better Facebook ad campaigns in 2022.

1. Make Use of Your Competitors

Making use of your competitors when targeting is a trendy Facebook ad hack for 2022. Facebook allows you to check out the demographics and behavior of the audience of your competitors. It is consequently the perfect chance for you to have effective targeting.

However, you can check out the ads of your competitors to know whether they’re working or not.

Let’s look at it this way; you’re a digital marketing agency that wants to set up a campaign to increase likes and followers. Find out the pages of your competitors and search for ads insights.

The first thing is to open that Facebook page and click on “see more” in the transparency field of the page. You’ll then see “Ads from this page.” This section contains the necessary info: Whether they’ve got an active ad campaign or not, their ad structure for campaigns, and lastly if their ads are successful or not. You can also search the ads of competitors at the Ads Library of Facebook.

2. Make use of Messenger Ads

One of the most recent Facebook ad hacks that have excellent results is Facebook Messenger Ads. With Messenger Ads, you can begin conversations with your potential customers and drive interactions and sales. When you send messages, you’ll be noticed faster, particularly if you’re a startup.

3. Make Use of Video Ads

It might look quite strange why we see Facebook Video Ads as one of the top ad hacks. Do you think this method is ineffective to make conversions and get engagements?

No. Instead, most individuals prefer watching to reading.

Moreover, according to studies, many businesses reported getting better results with Facebook Video Ads. Definitely, it is quite time-consuming and requires much investment to create interesting videos, but it is worth it!

With Facebook Video Ads, you can create unique, more informative, highly engaging, and differentiating campaigns. With Facebook, you can get lots of variants to create video ads. You can choose to browse a video via the library to develop a slideshow using images. You can also choose to make use of videos you had posted previously.

4. Do not sound like an Ad

How you make your statements can directly impact reaching your targets. It’s similar when it comes to advertising and sales. It can be quite annoying to find yourself pressured to purchase.

Consequently, when you stop to sound like an advert, it’ll be more useful to begin a healthy relationship with potential customers or customers.

This is basically you unveiling yourself or your business as one that is aware of your customers’ needs and ready to help them solve their problems.

That’s it for the Facebook Ads hacks you can implement in 2022. If you know more about Facebook ad hacks, you can share them with us in the comments section below.

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