The job role of a copywriter is not limited to producing compelling and high quality write-ups that people will love and appreciate in general. Rather they are entrusted with the responsibility of making landing pages more effective by harnessing the power of words. Words when put together skilfully can make a powerful impact on the targeted audience. By making subtle changes in the sentence structure or in the placement of words, copywriters can encourage visitors to take desired actions. Without an iota of doubt, the landing page is certainly one such place where the creativity and skills of a copywriter is put to the test.

The purpose of a landing page as we all know is to generate leads. There are several factors that contribute to the success of a landing page. Of all these factors, a great copy is probably the most crucial one that can make or break the fate of a landing page. Since a badly written copy can have a direct impact on the profit margin of your business, you have to go extra mile to make sure that the copy is error free and powerful enough to deliver your message with utmost accuracy.

Now, there are certain rules to be followed when you are to write a copy that actually converts –


Empathizing, Identity and Assure

You have to understand and accept the fact that everyone around us has a problem. Some problems are too big to fix, like the climate change thing, but there are some problems that might have easy-fix like a virus problem in your computer. So, if your product is capable of solving the problem of people, make it crystal clear in your copy. There is no need to use complex technical jargon that people rarely understand. Those who are into the know the drawback of using jargon in their write-up and for that reason, they always try to use simple English that a layman can understand.

Start by empathizing with the people who are having some kind of problem whose solution you offer. Every word that you put in the introduction of the copy must demonstrate the fact that you have identified the problem and you are ready to offer a sound solution. The last stage is assurance. You should not offer hollow assurance to them. Offer realistic solutions to their problem and if possible meet the targeted audience in person so that you can have a better idea of the kind of problem they are facing.

How to Kick Start the Writing Process

Writing as we all know, takes a lot of time and plays with the patience of the writer.  But it does not have to be. Rather than waiting for the most opportune moment when the divine will intervene, and then spend few hours editing that write-up. The idea behind this is that when you are in a flow, ideas come to you automatically and thereby saving the hassle of pushing yourself too far.

While editing there are a few things that you need to consider. Always try to make sentences short, pithy and interesting. You simply cannot expect that people will be interested in reading some boring texts. Use of punch words will make the text worth of reading.

Do not try to use complicated language because will kill the purpose of having a landing page. Address the visitors directly. Get the point quickly because of the use of unnecessary words will unnecessarily test the patience of the targeted visitors and may force them to bounce back.

And last but not the least; you can never call it a day when you are writing copy for landing pages. You will need to make changes in the page content to figure out which version converts more. So, the work on landing page copy never ends.

Get the Structure Right

Just the use of proper words or producing a great copy is not enough to help a landing page generate leads. A great copy needs to have a proper structure otherwise, you will find it really hard to engage the visitors and make them take desired actions. Moreover, when you have the structure for the write-up ready, it makes it easy for you to write fast and write coherently. Without having a structure, things might go horribly wrong and you might end up losing your visitors even before they read the first few sentences.

So, here are the few segments of a compelling write-up –

Start With Compelling Headline

The headline determines the success and failure of a landing page. People only decide to stay on the page only if the headline manages to capture their attention. Boring headlines that lacks spark and ingenuity will certainly not be able to seize the attention of the visitors. So work your level best to make the title as interesting and awesome as possible.

Hook the Attention of Visitors

Once the headline does the trick, you have to do your best to keep their attention intact. You need to make them feel that you are aware of their problems and you have a solution for that. Do extensive research, before you write a single word because each word will have an immense impact on the whole decision making process.

Assure Them that You have the Solution

So, now you have managed to capture their attention and they are already aware of the fact that you are well acquainted with the problem they are making. This is the perfect time to pitch for your products. You have to reassure them that your product/ service is going to help them fix their issues no matter how big the issue is.

It will be great if you can make them see how simple and trouble free their lives will be if they opt for your service.

Make it Evident that You are The best

You are quite confident that your product is awesome but my friend, people may not agree. So, in order to make them buy your theory, you have to write a fail-proof copy. Since visitors will be checking other sites before making a buying decision, you have to present credentials of yours to them so that they choose you over others. By featuring testimonials, you can increase the possibility of converting more people.

The best way to grab people’s attention is by offering some special offers. Limited Time offers are all time favorite among people. Want to win the trust of the people? In that case, you need to clearly mention the return or refund policy of your company. By minimizing the buying risk, you can see significant improvements on the conversion fronts.

Do not Forget the Call To Action

A landing page is not a landing page if it lacks a Call to Action button. Please do not use generic words like – ‘Click here’, ‘Click’ etc for CTA button; rather use clear words that describe the action precisely. If it is a form, use words like – ‘Submit’; if the button is linked to Contact Us page, use words like ‘Contact Us Now’ to describe the CAT button.

So, if you can manage to incorporate these points in your write-ups, your landing page will be less scary.

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and social media enthusiastic. You can connect with him at Google. He often contributes to 3Leaps Content Marketing Agency.

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