Mark Zuckerberg is live today at TCDisrupt.  We are live-blogging during the conference.  Zuckerberg Talks all about Mobile Strategy.  We are here live-blogging during the whole conference.  This is his first interview since taking Facebook public.

Went public, lost half value – if you could have done anything different, would you?  – performance is everything, execute mission to make the world more open….over the long term.

3-5 years will be determined on how well we do on mobile. – a lot has changed since we launched.  since then we started running ads on mobile.

Mobile is amazing for us.

  • more users
  • more engagement
  • amount of time on mobile

Our mission is to come up with a mobile strategy for everything that we’re doing.  Mobile is huge and it’s the future of Facebook.  Mobile will make us the company that we want to be.  It will determine if we succeed or not.

We are seeing stats that mobile users are more engaged then any other users.  There are huge things that we can do.  Mobile is closer to TV then Desktop.  Ads are much similar to them.  You can see the ads on the side of the Desktop.  The mobile PPC ads have to be integrated into the products.

These mobile ads are performing better than anything out there as far as conversion.

We bet to much on HTML5, it’s not bad but long term it’s not the best.  Mobile web Facebook is huge.  We built Faceweb to our internal code that translates into mobile development.  This took us 6-8 months to build it, then 4 months to decide it wouldn’t work.  This was over 2 years of a mobile strategy.  This is the biggest mistake that Facebook has thus far made.

Betting on HTML5 is the biggest mistake that we at Facebook has made as of Today, Sept 11, 2012.  We stuck too long and bet completely on it and that was a mistake.

There are other big apps and the mobile web is huge.

Side note:  Facebook stock is up 2% since start of speech.

Over the coming weeks and months you will start seeing really cool features coming out in our apps for both iPhone and Android apps.  They hope to have Android apps done very soon.

We used to have 1 person over mobile, now there are several product groups.  There is a person that owns each one of these.  They have their own roadmaps and plans to get their mobile strategy in place.  They had to rebuild and tool their different mobile strategies.  1st half of the year we didn’t do much.  The next 6 months should be very cool.

 We’ve transitioned and we are a mobile company.

We have a rule at Facebook, if you check-in code.  You have to maintain the code.  I personally don’t code anymore for the Facebook as a whole.  I don’t want to have to get pulled out of a management meeting to fix it.  I do however make code decisions.

Instagram just passed 100 Million users

I love Instagram, Kevin is amazing.  He’s got an amazing road-map.  They got to a point where they didn’t know if they should put all their eggs in one basket.  It made sense to purchase and join together Instagram and join the features with Facebook.  We have no agenda with Instagram.  We love them and want to prioritize them on the open graph.

Mike Arrington wants to know if Facebook is building a Facebook Phone.  It’s clearly the wrong strategy and we will not building a phone.  We aren’t planning on building a phone.  We want to build a system that’s integrated into every device that everyone wants to use.

  • Mobile Web – no-one is integrated more then us.
  • iPhone and IOS integration will be huge, make it so that iPhone developers can integrate with Facebook much more easily.
  • Andriod we can go deep on our own.  We can do a ton of interesting things.
We ARE thinking about mobile, we live on our mobile device.  I do everything on my phone.  I do EVERYTHING on my phone.  I still use our website but i like my phone.   My intuition is that everything will turn mobile
The energy is building mobile things, not Desktop things.
What are you thinking about Search?  We have almost 1 Billion queries a day.  There is a big opportunity. It’s going in an interesting direction.  You type in keywords.  Search engines run cool results.  Now, we want to provide specific answers.  Facebook is very uniquely positioned to answer those questions.  We are in the right position to do
At some point we will become a search engine.

We don’t have anything to announce right now, but we will be there in the future.  We will enter the search space.  Not the phone space.

There is a huge online mobile business out there.  There are a ton of companies out there that are playing games on their mobile devices.  Zynga is huge, but has lost some of it’s share to others in the market.

The real value in mobile apps is to allow people to get more distribution.  1 example would be “Mobile Apps Installs” you can embed the SDK into the Facebook SDK and we can get you volume.  It has great ROI

People are underestimating Facebook.  Over the long term we are working on killer things.  Mobile PPC will be huge in the coming future.  We want to build really cool stuff.  Facebook legacy is to connect everyone in the world.  This will become our legacy.

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