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When you own a business, you are extremely sure that your products or services will sell, making you over-confident to think that you can hold back on the marketing of your business. You solely start trusting word-of-mouth advertising, but it will not help these days, to be very honest. EJ Dalius, who has decades of experience in business marketing has seen that even great products fail to pique consumer interest if entrepreneurs fail to put their brand in front of the targeted audience. 

According to an article published on, blogging is an affordable marketing solution to improve the visibility of your business online. Here are some of the best ways for business marketing without breaking your bank: 

Eric J Dalius has full confidence in SEO tactics

SEO is essential these days no matter what business you have and what products or services you have on offer. First things first, you need to use the relevant keywords (KWs) relevant to your brand, which helps your website grab the top spot in the search engine result pages (SERPs) of Google. It means that when your prospective buyers enter search phrases on Google’s pages, your website shows up in the top five listings of the first page. The more you use refined SEO practices, the better your site’s ranking in the SERPs, signifying enhanced online visibility of your business. 

If you know SEO, there is nothing like it; else, hire an SEO expert to make your site rank well in the SERPs. Eric Dalius has researched on KWs, working late hours for his clients to improve their page rankings. Therefore, you should also spend some time in KW research and create fresh, useful content to get on the right track. Take your time and do not rush into the process. 

Maximize the benefits out of promotions or coupons 

Though this is a time-honored tactic, it is a great one. That is because everyone loves to buy one and get the second item free. Pique consumer interest by offering deals, extras, and discounts to retain existing customers as well as gain new buyers. 

There are many things to offer these days. It includes two for one offer, free consultations, and reduced-price of your products for those customers who refer their family or friends to your brand. All love discounts and freebies and so reap the maximum benefits out of the same. It will help you gain more customers and more customers mean enhanced sales and bottom line. 

Leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram, etc

No matter what products you sell from shoelaces to kitchen appliances and high-end electronic devices, you cannot ignore the power of social media. For instance, if you own a small garment store, Instagram is the perfect platform to use. The same rule holds for businesses like gardening services, food, and bridal makeup. Therefore, choose the social platform depending on your niche business. 


Make the most out of these marketing ideas to make your business stand out from the rest and that too, without breaking your bank. 

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