Google put up a new blog post yesterday stating that roughly one-third of searches with ads show an enhanced ad format (featuring video preview windows, prices, images, specific links on a given Web page, recommendations from your friends and whatnot). If you haven’t seen the ads before, you can pretty much search anything online that has a Google Display ad and see them like in the example below.

I think Google puts it brilliantly in their post stating that:

What started as three lines of simple text has evolved into ads that are multimedia-rich, location-aware and socially-amplified.

Here are just a few Google Search Network facts pulled from their site:

– Every day there are more than a billion searches on Google. (source: Google)
– Since 2003, Google has answered 450 billion new unique queries. (source: Google)
– The +1 button is being served 2.3 billion times a day all over the web. (source: Google)
– The average query response time is roughly a quarter of a second. (source: Google)
– More than 20% of searches on Google on a desktop are related to location. On mobile, it‘s about 40%. (source: Google)
– People drive more than 12 billion miles a year with Google Maps Navigation. (source: Google)
– Every query has to travel on average 1,500 miles to get back to the user. (source: Google)
– More than half our searches come from outside the U.S. (source: Google)
– We’ve never seen 16% of the queries we see every day. (source: Google)
– Users exposed to a major tech company’s search ads reported a 27% more favorable opinion after seeing the ad. (source: Nurago & Google)
– Consumers like to get exactly where they want to go. Two-line sitelinks increase click-through rates by more than 30% compared to standard AdWords ads. (source: Google)
– 70% of Americans report that they look for product reviews before making a purchase. (source: Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates)
– 80% of reviews on the site of a given retailer are written by the top 20% of their customers. (source: Google)
– We are seeing mobile search grow at an exponential rate, increasing fivefold worldwide in just the past two years. (source: Yankee Group)
– YouTube now exceeds 200 million views a day on mobile, a 3x increase in 2010. (source: Google)


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