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If you are new to PPC and are going to run your first PPC campaign with AD Words, you might be little confused in the beginning by the tools and the other resources available with the AD Words. A single mistake in managing your PPC campaign can waste all your money and effort.

Below are few things that you should avoid, if you want to run your PPC campaign successfully to get the required results.

Must Use Keyword In Title And description

Keep in mind to use your keyword in the title at least once. Title is very important as online user and Google know about you by your title. Also when you going to write the description for your ad, once again, use the keywords in description in a way so it appears as natural. Using a keyword once within the title is a must. Using keyword in the title and description will also highlight the keywords in your ad when people look for particular information in Google using that keyword.

Linking of Ads With Home Page Not With Landing Page

This is one of the biggest mistake often done by the new webmaster when they run there ads using PPC advertising. Actually landing page is the page where you actually want your visitors to land so they can buy your product.  Linking your ads with home page will be a waste of time and money as any visitor who land on the home page will not be able to get the information he/wants so; he/she will lave your website without visiting other pages. Hence, always link your ads with the landing page to save the time of your buyers and make your landing page as effective as you can to increase your conversion rate.

Targeting The Wrong Keywords

Keyword/keywords are the heart of any PPC campaign. Your ads appear in Google and related content networks based on keywords you select for your campaign. Targeting wrong Keyword/keywords is the worst mistake in PPC adverting in my opinion as by targeting wrong keywords you are bringing traffic to your  site that have no interest in your product or service. You are paying Ad Words for your clicks but you are getting nothing in return as you are getting wrong traffic to your site by targeting the wrong keyword/keywords. Therefore, spend time in doing your keywords research so; you can find the best keywords for your campaign.


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