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Even though startup investment is a buzzword these days, many of these firms reboot their way to business expansion or growth. The majority of the founders or CEOs of small startup companies in the US have asserted that they have invested more funds in the team compared to the idea. EJ Dalius as a seasoned marketing professional has learned that apart from having a strong team, marketing is another effective tool to take your startup to the next level. 

According to an article published on https://ppc.org, motivating customers to share their feedback about your products or services, especially positive reviews will help in collecting endorsements for your startup. Smart marketing can give your imagination a practical shape to grow your business. Here is how: 

Eric J Dalius developed unique business narratives 

When someone asks you, “What is your occupation?” and when the answer comes, “I am a capitalist” is something people show their puckered brows to you. Therefore, you need to present your products in a way to make customers believe that what stuff you sell will change their lifestyle considerably, eliminating their daily hardships. 

Besides selling your products or services, you need to look for causes that your startup can support and mention them in your marketing literature. For instance, if your business takes an initiative to feed the poor for one day and you highlight that in your communication materials, it will go a long way to inspire people surrounding you. Eric Dalius reflects on something like telling your audience as to how despite many hardships, you have managed to establish your startup successfully. These are narratives to inspire people and attract them to your business. 

Keep watch on what your competitors are doing 

Yes, you need to spend some time studying your closest competitors in business and draw inspiration. That does not imply that you copy their strategies directly. Keeping your business values, vision, and identity unique, understand your competitor’s marketing and communication methods, and improvise on them to kick-start your marketing campaigns. 

Identify the mistakes that your competitors are doing, and learning from them, you can save your business from challenges. It is good to innovate, but many times, you do not need it because what you have discovered has worked for other startups too. Remember to measure the outcome though.

Involve your team in the marketing strategy

When you collaborate as a team before the launch of a new product or service, it helps in avoiding misunderstandings, saves marketing dollars and time, and brings into line expectations. The best ideas come when you and your team sit across the table to brainstorm marketing tactics to help your startup grow fast. The thoughts, perspectives, and solutions are more varied and workable that just clinging to fundamental or traditional ideas. Therefore, engage your team in the overall marketing plan and listen to what they have to say. Even an idea that seems trivial may turn out to be a smart solution to a business problem.


Keep these marketing hacks in mind and implement when you are kick-starting your business or planning for the further growth of your startup. 

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