Let’s be honest. Unfortunately, Adsense is becoming a source of revenue that is getting harder to optimize for manyA Few Ways To Maximise Adsense Earnings reasons. The types of adverts that can be used, size of them and location are all expanding to give publishers more freedom – with more freedom comes more optimization, though. This is quite a depressive view on Adsense. But, with a few simple tips, you can make sure you are using the Adsense to its full potential to make sure your websites are generating as much revenue as possible without impacting the userbility and experience of your website to the web user. Here are a few ways to maximize your Adsense earnings.



Above the Fold

The first and most crucial step to maximize the revenue Adsense adverts produce is to make sure that your advert/s are above the fold. For those that do not know what above the fold means, this is the area of the web page which loads and requires no scrolling to view.

Having adverts above the fold means they will load first and be viewed at by the web user as soon as the web page has loaded (instead of having to scroll down to see the advert). For this reason, you can expect the vast majority of the time that adverts that are above the fold of a web page will have a better CTR (click through rate) than the adverts that appear below the fold.



Within/Near Content

For websites that are content rich or blogs, the best adverts are those that are usually located near to the main content on that page. This is because the web user will have landed onto that content rich page to read the content. Therefore, if there is an advert close to the content, the chances are that the web user might glance or read the advert, increasing the chances that they click onto it.

Great examples of advert placements near content is to have the advert embedded into the article, below the title of the content but above where the content starts or at the end of the content (although below the fold, adverts just after the end of the content get good CTRs because the web user does not want to stop reading so progressively moves onto reading the advert after the content).



Choose Popular Ad Sizes

Location is not everything in Adsense. The size of your advert will be critical to its performance too. For this reason, it is usually best to stick to the most used ad types such as 728×90, 336×380, 160×600, 428×60 and 300×250. Why is this?

These are known as the most popular ad sizes because the most amount of advertisers make campaigns for these specific ad sizes. By having more advertisers making campaigns for these sizes means that there is more competition for your ad space (increasing the CPC of your adverts) and how contextual the adverts that do appear in your ad space will also increase (increasing the CTR of them too).

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