Who would have though 140 character messages would have been the new form of social media ten years ago? Twitter has become Constructing The Perfect Tweet To Gain Clickssuch a important tool to advertisers and businesses for the simple matter that it is a great place to advertise anything on it. If you find yourself wanting to promote links to a website of some sort, you may find that you could be optimising your tweets further to make them get extra clicks (a high click through rate). The truth to the matter is that the best tweets that get the most clicks adopt a certain structure. In this article, I will go through how you can construct the perfect tweet to gain the most amount of clicks.


Step 1 – The Message

The first step to the perfect tweet involves having a message about your link. To gain the most amount of clicks, it needs to include the following things:

  • A call to action. You will want to evoke an action from the Twitter user (being a click).
  • Include 1-2 hashtags to expand the reach of your tweet.
  • When including hashtags, try to fluently include them in your message rather than adding them at the end of the message. This will help save space in your tweet.
  • Avoid abbreviations. Abbreviations such as ‘txt’ for ‘text’ look bad and unprofessional. If you are struggling to fit in your message, you need to rethink the whole message as it is way too long.
  • Ask a question. Sometimes, a question is a good way to get Twitter users to click on a tweet because by asking a question automatically makes the user want to know the answer (and the only way they can find the answer is through clicking onto the link).
  • Only abbreviate numbers.
  • Mention people that may be likely to promote your tweet by retweeting it (if you have the space).



Step 2 – The Link

The link doesn’t require much optimisation. Studies have shown that the best shortened down URL is bit.ly since they get the most retweets. For this reason you may want to use bit.ly to shorten your URL down.



Step 3 – Leave Space!

To gain the most clicks, you need to leave enough space for people to tweet back with a comment or retweet the tweet. Ideally, 20 characters will be sufficient to enable this to happen.


Ultimately, to gain the most success in Twitter, you need to make a tweet that will connect with your audience. If your audience are teenagers, then abbreviations might be the best option whereas if your audience was 40-50 year olds, proper grammar would be the best way to go. All you need to do is make a tweet dependent on the people that will be reading it.

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