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Implementation of marketing strategies could prove to be quite an expensive affair. Thanks to the digital era, small businesses today, could seek some assistance from the Internet and take the fullest advantage of it for competing with bigger and well-established companies out there. If you are a small business owner, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed and lost when you find how larger organizations are splurging money for their marketing campaigns. EJ Dalius, the man with a wealth of marketing experience and expertise, reminds you that you need to keep calm and make the most of some other more effective methods for implementing cost-effective marketing stratagems and gaining the same outcomes.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies Recommended by Eric J Dalius

Come up with a Blog

As per https://ppc.org, acting like someone who is an authority in the field, you may come up with effective solutions and solve some issues since that is essentially, a smart marketing method that may not necessarily look like marketing but could be immensely beneficial in getting fruitful results. The technique involves offering some assistance to people even when they haven’t asked for it. 

You must be having numerous helpful tips for your audience especially, customers and potential customers and you want to share those tips with them. For doing that, you need to start blogging. Remember people have a passion for blogs. They are fascinated by blogs and enjoy reading them while commuting to and from office or whenever they wish to pass time or feel down, depressed or bored.

Creating a quality blog and consistently posting extraordinary content could grab the attention of readers and eventually attract their attention to your business or brand. You could consider posting case studies supported by verified information and legitimate sources. Your blog posts and articles must be written well so that the readers find it refreshing and easy to read. Eric Dalius firmly believes that employing the series of a skilled and experienced writer could be a good investment. Blogging is surely a low-cost marketing strategy with impressive returns.

Keep Posting Brilliant Content Consistently

Simply writing a blog doesn’t seem to be enough to engage the attention of readers. You need to keep posting creative, intriguing, and enticing content that ignites a yearning for more in readers. Content is surely a broad term and implies videos, memes, images, and articles that are relevant and related to your specific business or brand. It is a good idea to post creative, informative, and funny content to grab the attention of your demographic. This is a great way of driving traffic to your official website and gaining recognition for your business. 

Use Google Maps to Your Advantage

People are used to referring to Google Maps for knowing if they are on the right track on the way to their destination. However, Google Maps are often used to identify restaurants and places to visit within the area. Hence, it is a good idea to list your specific business at once on Google Maps.


These low-cost marketing stratagems have stood the test of time and are equally effective if not more, in comparison to full-blown marketing efforts or campaigns launched by large corporate houses. There is no need to employ the services of a PR company instead follow the above-mentioned low-cost marketing tips for constantly improving and boosting your business. 

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