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Written by Collin Andrews

Search engine optimization is an important digital marketing element that determines how your products or services are ranked on search engine result pages. Keywords are important SEO components that contribute to inbound traffic to sites.

As a seller on Amazon, you need to have robust SEO and keyword management systems incorporating tools that will increase your product’s market and niche. Here are some of the important tips:

  1. Audience targeted SEO

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits all kind of tool. Every search engine you use will demand different specifications. To win over your Amazon and even non-amazon buyers, you should follow all the SEO requirements set by Amazon. Amazon lives for details and you should therefore have a fully optimized title, subtitle, picture metatags, editor’s notes, product description, Amazon own keyword selection on the dashboard, reviews, and questions and answer.

  1. Understand your buyer persona

Besides geography, you should also understand what your buyer looks for when buying. You should therefore put together a list of keywords that are unique to your products. The Amazon tool has a list of keyword inspector tools that are efficient in getting you the best tiered keywords to narrow down your scope.

The reverse ASIN tool, the keyword trends tool, or the KIPRT tools will help you in choosing the most appropriate keyword that is used by your buyer to search for products.

  1. Content is king

Content is important in all marketing corners. However, flat content will not work. You should create creative content that is readable fast and that will convert most of your product hits into sales.

Your customers need to be coaxed into buying your products and the best way to do so, besides having a good photo and reviews is by developing a creative and an informative punch-line.

  1. Information. Information

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is a sucker for details and for you to sell more on the site, you have to provide as much product information as possible. However, don’t be repetitive. The product information site and the keyword site are filled with blank fields. To get Amazon to like you, you should fill all the blanks.

Buyers also need all the details for them to know what they are getting into and getting from the purchase of that product.

  1. Keywords and longtail keywords

Longtails are made up of about 3 or more keyword phrases. Buyers hardly ever search for products using one word and you will have higher chances of being found if you structure your longtails to have the best phrases that are searched for more or the more specific keyword phrases.

  1. Consider your keyword competitiveness

Keywords compete against each other. The winning keywords have less competition and a low search volume. You can use the Amazon keyword inspection tool suite created to help sellers find the best keywords for their products.


In conclusion, keyword searches are important determinants of your selling success in Amazon or any other ecommerce sites. Information about the products, the location, the competition, prices, or rating is available when the right root-keyword is used. Take advantage of SEO & keyword tools, as well as the tips above for more sales.


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Collin Andrews is a software developer and the lead analyst for the Amazon tool at Amazon. He has received several awards for his exemplary service. Read more about the Amazon tool and his contributions in his blog.

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