If you would like to master about keyword research and how it is important to your online business, then you will need to go through this post. Particularly we will be talking about the significance of low competition and long tail keywords and the best way to easily discover them. After looking at this post, you should be capable of doing keywords research like a professional.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are important to your online success. Long tail key terms are keywords having three or more words. Based on research, 80% of all queries are long tail. These search phrases are extremely simple to rank for; which means you can safeguard a top place with minimum effort. These long tail search phrases result in a greater conversion when compared with common keywords. These key terms are extremely advantageous in the long term for the reason that they are targeting individuals who are looking for particular information, and thus more eager to take action such as clicking on advertisements or following you by email. Long tail search phrases are excellent for any site simply because of its low level of competition, greater conversion rate and to attract more potential site visitors.

Low Competition Keywords

Unless you have an authority site with 1000s of back-links, it is vital to target keywords that have low level of competition. If you are aiming for “weight loss”, you will have to do a lot of effort, since there are thousands and thousands of other pages fighting/competing for the 1st place. As a result it is far better to target less complicated keywords such as: “Green Tea Weight Loss”. Keywords with low competition are suitable for fairly new sites, since it is quick to get rankings. These search phrases normally tend not to go up and down more, which means your site will continue to be on top. If you are simply beginning, then I suggest searching for some of these long tail keywords with low level of competition.

How to find these Low Competition keywords?

One more place to search can be Google’s suggestion. I hope you might have experienced this when you type something in Google search bar, Google will instantly try to recommend some searches that people normally do. These search phrases are categorized by popularity, which may give you a perception of how common they are. Lastly the most well-known keyword research application: Google Keyword Tool. It may appear a little bit confusing in the beginning, however it is extremely beneficial. It shows all the search volume about those particular keyword/keywords. All you have to do is select the best one with just low competition and enough search volume.


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