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Display ad, which is also known as banner advertising, is an effective type of PPC marketing. It is an online marketing method that passes commercial information through imagery, logos, animations, buttons, rich media, videos, or other graphics. This type of ad is mostly seen on websites and applications.

Display ads offer both small and big brands a lot of potentials and help them to reach their goals quickly. It will interest you to know that Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide, across millions of websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube. This type of online marketing makes it possible for businesses to reach out to relevant customers.

Unlike other forms of PPC marketing and online advertising, Display ads when done correctly has a way of attracting people. The graphics easily captivate an audience and boost conversions for the business. With its effectiveness, a lot of businesses are yet to take advantage of the benefits it brings.

Benefits of Display Ads

  • Brand Awareness: Every business or brand that is looking to build a lasting presence in an industry and have a strong customer relationship, will need to do a lot of brand awareness. Creating awareness is a vital phase of growing a brand and with display ads, this is possible. Display ads allow businesses to get their audience to know more about their brand through graphics that are designed to represent them.
  • Visual Appeal: With display ads, brands can get as creative as they want when designing the banners used for the ads. Businesses can use highly captivating and attractive graphic designs for the ads and this helps to get the attention of their audience and potential customers. Unlike the regular PPC marketing from search engine platforms, this type of online advertising makes an ad stand out due to the features it allows.
  • Proper retargeting: When setting up a display ad, there are options to configure the ad to suit your customer profile. With this feature, businesses can reach their target audience.
  • Increased Conversions: Since this type of online advertisement makes it easy for brands to create an outstanding ad and also target their audience properly, it helps to increase conversions. Display ads are very effective when looking to boost conversions and make more sales. Its ability to attract the right audience makes this possible. Easy to Measure and Control: What makes this type of online marketing very reliable is that it gives businesses complete freedom and control over their ads. Businesses can measure results and tweak the settings for better conversions.
  • Cost-effective: With the interesting and mouth-watering benefits of display ads that have been highlighted above, one would think that they are expensive, but it isn’t so. Display ads, even though are very effective, don’t require a lot of money to set up, neither are they very expensive. In some cases, depending on a business and target audience, the cost per click for a display ad can be below $1.

As businesses continue to seek ways to grow their brand, reach out to their target audience, and close more sales, display ads have proven to be an effective way to do these. All that matters is getting the setup correctly and you are good to go.

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