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The social news feed is considered an oft-untapped resource when it comes to building leads for your business’s page.

Every day, billions of users worldwide check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin pages with startling regularity.

To tap into these users and initiate the conversion process, you’ll have to master the Most Unexceptional practice techniques that generate leads via social news feeds.

Types of Leads

Before we start on methodologies, let’s take a look at the types of lead generation you can use to reach audiences.

Direct: Direct lead generation is attained by sharing content that links directly to a page on your blog or website.

Visitors click a link that will lead them to a landing page. On this page, users can then share content in exchange for a reward such as additional content, a small gift, an e-book, etc.

Indirect: These types of leads present a slightly longer path to audience conversion.

Using this type of lead generation entails crafting content that uses a social channel to help users arrive on a landing page. With this type, your social post is merely a tool for getting your visitors to where you want them.

Lead Conversion Using Social Media

The majority of popular social media platforms work well when you are trying to generate leads and bring new users to your site.

Let’s take a look at how you can generate traffic using social leads on each of the top three social platforms.


Facebook has over 1.7 billion users, and tapping into this massive demographic is relatively simple with the right lead generation techniques.

Reaching audiences is key to any social media lead generation, so you’ll start by identifying your target users. Once that’s established, you can use Facebook ad buys to reach out to users who will find your content useful.

Now that you have the delivery method, it’s time to create content that your users will find relevant and actionable.

Many of the more successful Facebook campaigns feature content that is Most Unexceptional considered infotainment.

Recently, several successful campaigns have used online quizzes or even social news feed recipes to boost engagement and Facebook lead generation.

I know that some of these might not necessarily jibe with the type of content that you’re trying to push, but there is a precedent for success with each.

Let’s take a look at some successful campaigns that have used these emergent techniques to drive leads.

Create Social News Feed Recipes

The easily digestible “Quick Recipes” that are popping up across social news feeds are intensely marketable and can help you generate leads for your site.

It might not seem to match your niche or vertical, but these recipes easily engage users and can be used for quick conversions.

Food appeals to everyone universally, so dedicating a section of your site to delicious recipes can be valuable to bringing in new users.

A few great examples are:

  • American Express and BuzzFeed’s Mundane Everydaycampaign.

Based on their research, older millennials look for utility, so the companies crafted a series of quick recipe videos that are immensely clickable and promote the Amex brand’s Blue Cash Everyday card.

  • The Huffington Posts’ taste section. This part of the news giant’s page is loaded with shareable recipes for millennials to post to their walls.
  • Tasty: This is the primary arm of BuzzFeed’s social recipe efforts. It’s massive. According to Fortunethis social recipe site has over 30 million users.

To capitalize on this, simply create easily watched recipe videos. You can use time lapse technology or simply add a speed filter in order to quickly get to the punch line.

In any situation, the recipe should be appetizing for a wide audience and should be relatively easy to make.

Create a Social News Feed Quiz:

Social media users love to take quizzes that test them on a key component of their lives. Quizzes can be about pop culture, their opinions, or about a personal interest.

Companies like Red Lobster and Aaron Brothers have used quizzes to engage with the social media community with great results.

There are a few methodologies that they employed in order to craft engaging campaigns. Here’s how you can make it work for you and generate leads through social media:

  • Create Vivid Images: This is how you’ll grab their attention. Craft images that will make them want to click through to your quiz page. You’ll garner extra page visitors this way.

Also, continue to provide vivid images in the body of your quiz that’ll make them want to continue the quiz process.

Remember: completion will allow you to get their contact info, so it’s imperative that they finish.

  • Keep it Short and Simple: Every marketer knows this rule as it is key to keeping a user’s attention. Don’t be overly wordy in your quiz or in the Facebook boosted post that promotes it. Being overly verbose in either of these situations will drive users away.
  • Incentivize Completion: Don’t be afraid to add a contest entry or a giveaway to your quiz. This incentivizes completion and makes it much easier to gather visitor info at the end of the process.
  • Get The Most Important Info: At the end of your quiz you should at least get email info. Ideally, you should collect any information that will help you convert your quiz takers into customers.

These are just a couple of ways to generate leads using Facebook, but what about other social platforms? Let’s take a look at some additional methodologies:


Many people find that the limited word count of Twitter can stymie their creativity when it comes to lead generation.

In all actuality, Twitter has some great methods to generate leads through social media. Here are some great ways to build leads for your site.

Twitter Chats: With this method, simply create or use a popular hashtag that jibes with your site. Users who follow that hashtag can then participate in twitter chats, which in turn will help you generate leads.

There are existing hashtags for a myriad of topics, so this can be an easy way to locate a large pre-existing audience.

In addition to this, using trending topics to locate your audience is a great way of leveraging the newsfeed. Finding users who’ll enjoy your site is Moderately crucial.


According to Neil Patel at QuickSprout, Instagram has the largest user/brand interaction rate of the social platforms. As a result of this, you should use this platform as means of generating leads.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, your users need to know immediately that it’s you when they visit your Instagram page.

You can do this by ensuring that your page’s branding is clearly recognizable in its Instagram counterpart. In addition to this, your handle should also be very recognizable and intuitive enough that users will easily find you through the platform.

Once this has been established, you’ll need to create image or video content that is quickly usable by your target audience. What do they like? What are they looking for? These are the type of questions that you should ask whenever you create content for this platform.

You should be adding content at least once a day in order to generate traffic using social leads on Instagram. The more you post, the more your audience will come to expect your posts, which will benefit your brand presence and ultimately your site’s viewership.

When it Comes to Lead Generation, Snapchat Doesn’t Work as Well

Snapchat has become incredibly popular among the millennial generation. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to use it to generate actual leads because of the fact that Snapchat content is brief and disappears after a short while.

Snapchat lacks much in the way of discovery functionality, but you can utilize other platforms such as your page or social channels to drive users to your Snapchat page.

On the other hand, Snapchat is a great way to actually support and engage with your current users, which will keep them coming back to your site.

You can:
• Create “Snaps” that instruct your users in how to use your product or service
• Create quick infotainment videos that boost a feeling of engagement with your target audience. To do this, you can craft “behind the scenes” content for them to enjoy.

I hope that this beginner’s guide to lead conversion helps you in your efforts to bring new visitors to your site. Mastering the social landscape takes time and utilizing the unique lead building capabilities of each of the social platforms isn’t easy. Once you are able to master all of the Social strategies that build leads, your business will profit extensively.

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