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There are tens, if not hundreds, of different types of ways to get traffic online. You could go down the conventional Why Online Marketers Should Invest In PPCroute and gain traffic through search engine optimization, by gaining clicks from search engines results organically. The other main route is to pay for traffic – this is where the diversification occurs in where and how you can pay for traffic to reach a webpage of your choice. With paid traffic sources, it begs question why every advertiser and online marketer out there has not turned to PPC at some point or another because, based on the millions of people that use it daily alone, it is the best form of advertising online, as it stands. For this reason, here are a few of the main reasons why online marketers and advertisers should invest time and money into PPC, if they have not done so yet already.



#1 Complete Control

The best part about PPC is that the advertiser always has complete control of pretty much every aspect of the PPC campaign. This means that they can constantly adapt the campaign to their needs, if they should so wish. This is a big boost since a lot of the changes advertisers make to PPC campaigns need to be fast to adapt to what is happening in the news etc. With the likes of banner advertising, you have to wait to get your advert re-approved for the change you want to implement which may take days: by this time, it might have been too late for the change to benefit your campaign.


#2 Only Pay For Results

A problem I have found with some forms of advertising online is risk management. How much of a risk is it in gaining traffic? Could I potentially pay to just get impressions and no traffic? I don’t like the forms of advertising out there that tell me ‘based on these impressions, you should get this much traffic with a ‘such and such’ click through rate’. What I hear from this statement is that ‘yes, you are going to pay for people to view your advert – but, at the end of the day, you might not get a single click…’


#3 Efficient

Not only is PPC advertising good for giving advertisers complete and is risk free (in the sense that you will always get traffic for the budget you have set aside for PPC), it is a very efficient form of online advertising too. This is because:

  • You only pay for clicks.
  • The clicks you do pay for are contextual to your keywords and the campaign you are promoting.
  • Programs such as Google AdWords and Analytics provide levels of statistics no other form of advertising can really compete against.

Ultimately, for the majority of people, PPC is going to be the best bet to gaining paid traffic online. I can understand it will not always work for everyone (for example, someone who is trying to promote a trailer for a new movie might want to use YouTube ads for it rather than PPC. However, for the majority, PPC can be used as the best way to gain contextual paid traffic online.

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