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Google Webmasters search console is one of, if not the, most useful websites out there for getting an insight into the search engine optimization of your website, as well as the general statistics relating to your website and the ‘big G’: Google. You can pretty much analyse your entire website and how it interlinks with Google search inside the Webmasters search console, making it an extremely valuable tool for website owners to use.

Be this as this may, there are still many that do not fully utilize the tool to its optimum. With this, here are two neglected areas that are overlooked in Google Webmasters search console which you should be looking into.


Ad Experience

If you are using programs such as Ezoic, then this will not be applicable to you (since Ezoic does this automatically within their system already). However, for those using Adsense (which is a lot of websites), then this tool will prove extremely useful.

The ad experience tool is a way of determining how annoying the adverts are on your website, and whether or not they violate the Better Ads Standards – this determines, on a scale, what are the most to least annoying adverts from lots of data and testing.

The idea behind the ad experience tool is to bring to light what adverts web users on your website find annoying and what adverts they don’t. In general, the more annoying an advert it, the lower the user experience the web user has on your website, resulting in poor stats for your website and less clicks onto adverts. From knowing what adverts are annoying web users, you can choose to eliminate these to improve your website and ad revenue too.


Search Analytics Top Queries

In terms of SEO, whatever your website ranks highest for on search engines (such as Google) should be taken note of and utilized. This is because Google ranks your content high for the search query, making clear to you the potential to have other content, relating to the same topic, ranking just as high too. It is better to create content for topics and keywords your website already ranks high for. For example, you would not find an Apple Tech blog creating articles about how to mow a lawn, simply because 1) it’s unrelated and 2) they wouldn’t be able to rank high for it either.

For this reason, have a look at what queries your website ranks highest for and try to group the queries into categories or sub-categories. This will help you understand what your website ranks for highest organically so you can create more content about the categories/sub-categories you highlighted.


Ultimately, Google Webmasters search console is an extremely effective tool that needs exploring in order to make the most out of it – without looking at every feature it has to offer, you will never know what you are missing out on and, potentially, what your website is doing right and wrong.

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