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Pay per click advertising is one of, if not the, most used form of advertising online for advertisers to gain contextual traffic and publishers to profit from having adverts on their websites. With Google leading the way in PPC, it is no surprise it has become the market leader in making money for websites.

However, sometimes it’s not just what type of advertising you adopt which dictates how much money you are going to make on your website. Here are a few factors which you’ll need to take into consideration when determining how much revenue you can generate with PPC.


Location of Traffic

Depending on where the location of your traffic is will depend on how much revenue you are likely to generate with PPC. This is because advertisers like to target different locations, based on the conversion rates each geo-locations can achieve. For example, as a general rule of thumb:

  • US traffic is the most valuable to advertisers
  • EU countries tend to get around 50% the revenue of the US
  • Indian traffic gains around 5-10% the revenue of the US

This makes clear that if you want to make money in PPC, the best way to go is to forget targeting those in the EU/India (which tend to get a lot of traffic for sites) but to try and aim for US traffic.


User Experience

How your users browse your site affects the revenue you generate. If the user clicks on more pages, they are more likely to see an advert that they would like to click on.



Although the content does not play as vital as a role anymore in PPC due to cookies, it will do in a few year’s time. This is because cookies are dying: Google Chrome is going to ban the use of cookies, preventing advertisers from understanding what web users like and dislike. When this is the case, one of the only things advertisers can use to understand the traits and habits of web users is in the content itself. For this reason, good content will go a long way from 2021 onwards in PPC.


Ad Size and Location

Having the right size adverts, in the right locations, goes a long way to making money in PPC. This is generally why you’ll see lots of adverts in between the content of websites, considering the fact that this is one of the best areas for adverts to gains high CTR (click-through rate) from.

This is why the likes of Ezoic are good guys to give a try if you have the right criteria to use them (that all Google Adsense with the Auto Ads). By letting AI determine the best places to put adverts will help to improve the revenue you generate from pay per click advertising.

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