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When it comes to the holidays, it’s extremely important for you to understand what the top selling products are and how they should be promoted. VigLink is running a holiday promotion where they highlight some of the top selling products for the upcoming holiday season. All of their data is backed up by their own sales figures, and we can all appreciate the value in sales trends!

In this post we are highlighting the top mobile devices and accessories that are currently available through Amazon.com. To learn more about VigLink and how you can start making money with their service and learn more about customer buying habits, visit our “Earn More this Holiday Season with VigLink” post.

Top 10 Hottest Mobile Phones, Devices and Accessories

  1. Kindle Wi-Fi 6″ E Ink Display
    The least expensive Kindle is Amazon’s #1 best seller and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.
  2. iPhone 4S
    Just when you thought a smartphone couldn’t get any better, it just did — the iPhone 4S is sure to change the way you communicate.
  3. HTC EVO Phone
    HTC EVO 4G is a snazzy-looking Android touchscreen phone that houses a 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8650 processor for the smoothest mobile multi-tasking experience ever.
  4. iPod Touch
    Enjoy watching videos on the 3.5-inch Multi-touch Retina display of the iPod touch 4G at a stunning resolution of 960x640p
  5. Earphone Headset for iPhone
    Light Weight, compact, stylish, replacement headset for all iPhones!
  6. HTC Sensation
    “HTC Sensation 4G is a fashionable touchscreen phone that houses the dual core Snapdragon 1.2 GHz processor.”
  7. iPhone 3G/3Gs
    The inexpensive iPhone.  The 3GS with a full 3.5-inch screen, the iPhone 3GS cell phone gives you a clear view of all the contents and applications.
  8. Motorola Droid
    The popular Smartphone powered by Android 2.0 developed in partnership with Google and Verizon wireless.
  9. iPod Nano
    The Smallest iPod – A 1.54-inch color multi-touch display makes navigation unbelievably fast so your music is just a tap away.
  10. iPad 2
    Movies, games & books come alive on the stunning 9.7-inch widescreen LED Multi-Touch display of the Apple iPad 2.

How Can You Use this Information?

There are many ways you can use this type of sales information to your advantage. From creating ppc ad campaigns, to targeting fans of these products on Facebook Ads, then building your own sales pages or competitor ads. The bottom line is, people will be searching and buying these products over the next couple of weeks, so make sure you get your ads in front of these spend crazy customers now!

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