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The most successful pay per click campaigns out there are the campaigns which constantly refresh themselves to keep up wiA Few Tips For PPC Users To Take Advantage Of...th modern day trends. This means that if something happens in real life, the PPC campaign takes advantage of it and capitlises off the real life situation.

What also makes PPC campaigns successful is generally how well optimised they are. This is why every now and then it is important to read an article like this and check with your own campaign whether or not you are doing all the things listed below. If you are, this is great news. If you are not, well, you have just found area for improvement.


Below are a few tips anyone can implement into their PPC campaign to make it that bit better:

  • Spend time analysing your landing page – This also implies that you should have some analytical software already installed onto your landing page (the most used in Google Analytics). It is one thing to install analytical software onto your landing page. It is another thing sitting down for a good half hour a week looking at the results the software has brought you. You should take an in depth look at every statistic your analytical software offers, see how it compares to, lets say, last week, and then look upon how you can improve this statistic if it has decreased from last week. Making sure you know your landing page inside out is key to your overall campaign’s success.
  • Only use the highest performing keywords – Campaigns run with a number of keywords to attract the right sort of people to landing pages. However, this doesn’t mean the keywords you have chosen will best suit your campaign. Every now and then, look at the CTR your keywords are gaining and switch off the lowest CTR keywords. As well as saving you money, it will optimise your campaign so that more traffic from higher CTR keywords will reach your landing page. As well as this, look about setting aside a budget to experiment with new and different keywords such as negative keywords. If they are successful, keep them going in your campaign.
  • Experiment with CPC – The cost per click you set for your adverts are important since the number you choose will vary how many times your advert gets impressions, the ranking of it in paid results and the type of websites your advert appears on other than search results. For this reason, it is always a good idea to vary your CPC to how this affects your campaign’s results. A low CPC will gain you more traffic but the conversion rate may be lower while a higher CPC will provide your landing page much better traffic but at a price.


The underlying tip you can take away from this article is to always experiment in PPC. Every campaign is different and will react differently to different optimisation techniques. Therefore, every now and then, change a minor element of your campaign to see how it affects your results. If it works, keep it otherwise revert it back to how it originally was. If you do not experiment, you cannot improve your campaign.

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