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TikTok has become a popular venue for people to learn about new products, services, and businesses, and that makes it one of the most popular advertising platforms.

When it comes to determining the best approach to measure the efficacy of a new marketing channel, it’s always a problem (aka actual sales and marketing ROI).

In this post, we’ll look at different TikTok tracking systems and weigh the pros and cons of each. We’ll use our experience as a tracking program with TikTok tracking capability to figure out the most effective strategies to acquire control over your TikTok performance.

TikTok advertisement types

Before we look at how to track purchases on TikTok, it’s important to understand the differences in how adverts are created.

TikTok advertising falls into two categories: using the TikTok Ads service or running influencer marketing through TikTok bloggers.

Each channel has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so let’s look at the best ways to track the success of TikTok influencer campaigns.

How to track TikTok influencer marketing

You may use tracking URLs or promo codes to keep track of influencer marketing on TikTok. You may always utilize both to ensure that you don’t miss any of the influencer’s conversions.

Promo codes are not only a wonderful tool to track conversions originating from influencers, but they also provide the customer with an incentive to buy. A promo code typically refers to a unique offer or a benefit that might persuade customers to make a purchase.

If you use promo codes, you must make certain that:

You may create unique, human-readable promo codes that ideally include the influencer’s name. If you do not utilize spreadsheets to calculate the performance of each influencer. There is a lot of tracking software available that allows you to automate this procedure. If you decide to go with tracking software for automation, be sure it supports coupon (promo code) tracking and attribution to track those sales according to the promo codes issued.

It will make it simple to understand each influencer’s actual performance and compute the reward promptly.

Influencer campaigns with tracking connections

Consider how simple it will be for the user to click on the link in the content description. This relationship can be overlooked if there isn’t enough incentive. However, it’s still a good way to keep track of your sales. If you utilize this method of tracking, be sure to conceal all of the tracking parameters you need to find:

Which channel was responsible for the conversion? Which influencer was responsible for the conversion? Which advertisement was the most successful?

Final Thoughts

On TikTok, you can pick from a variety of advertising options as well as monitoring strategies. Despite the fact that TikTok is a hypervisual platform where UGC (user-generated content) reigns supreme, it is still critical to get your monitoring perfect in order to keep track of your ROI metrics.

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