When writing an ad for your business you always need to keep in mind what is working.  When I have no clue what to write, I Google people in different spaces (similar topics though) and I take the good things that they are doing and apply them to what I’m doing.  Typically bigger brands have a professiona writing all their ads and have very good ad copy that you can borrow!

When writing a killer PPC ad you want to make sure that you’re writing for the appropriate audiences and use language that is appropriate to what you’re going after.  If you’re selling a hip/new age product it’s ok to use that type of language.  If you’re selling to old people, you probably don’t want to use “awesome, dude, etc” in your ads.  This will turn people away from your ad and cause you to have a much lower CTR, a higher cost per click and overall pretty crappy account.

You should always put your keywords in your title if you can. When you put the keywords that you’re bidding on it will appear bold to the user.  This will help your add standout to your potential customers.  There is something about bold that will always capture a reader/searchers attention.

Next PPC tip would be to put a period “.” at the end of  your second sentence.  By doing this it will pull your second sentence in your ad up to the first line when you have your ad in the top 3 placements in Google.  By not doing this you show your ad as normal.  By doing this it will make your ad blend in with all the other “organic” listings below it and give you a much better chance at getting picked up.  Another reason to do it is because the majority of people don’t read the second line of any ad. You have to capture their attention in the first part of the ad.  In the example below you can see a Side Ad vs a Top Ad.  The is a big difference in the way that they are presented and in the way that people will click through on them.  It can make the difference between success and not having success.

When you have an established brand, I would recommend using a trademark or registered trade mark symbol as seen in the ads below.  This will give authority to your ads and without even knowing it will give you a competitive edge over people.  Without even thinking they will immediately give your brand more validity and trust over any other ad if they don’t have that.  People trust the registered trade mark and trademark symbol.  Below are examples of the symbols in ads.

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Another great tip for writing a Killer PPC ad is to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion into your ad.  Dynamic keyword insertion will pull in the keywords that the searcher is searching for into the ad.  For example if a searcher searches on Google for “handmaid purses” he or most likely she will be shown ads with “handmaid purses” in the ad title or wherever you put the dynamic keyword insertion along with other words that you have in there.

So an example to write this would be if a person searches “handmaid purses”  If Macy’s was selling purses and they wrote their add like

{KeyWord: Macy’s Collection}

It would show like

Handmaid Purses Macy’s Collection

It will pull in the “handmaid purses” and also pull in what you had written after your keyword that you put in.  I only recommend doing this if you have VERY small adgroups as to help you maximize your clicks.  But then again, I never recommend having more than 5 keywords per adgroup.  So if you’re following those rules you’ll be good.  Keep in mind that Dynamic keyword insertion can appear anywhere in your ad; in the headline, the description lines, the display URL, or the destination URL. After the Keyword choose the text to write and make it relate to the keyword your searchers are searching.  By doing this you will not only improve your CTR but you will improve your overall results and sales.

These are just a few tips that will help you to improve your CTR and conversions with your PPC account.  By doing some of these small things you will have Killer PPC Ad Copy that will get more conversion, impress readers (without them knowing), give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.  There are many more thing that factor into getting more conversions.  If you are interested in learning more you should check out how Google is putting in Google +1 in Display Ads and how this can help you when writing your ads.


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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