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The emergence of personal computers and smartphones has basically altered the way we search for information about trends and products online. Almost all our day-to-day choices are mostly influenced by the information we see via Facebook news feeds or Google searches.

A 2017 survey showed that, on average, a person normally spends close to 5 years and 4 months of their lifetime browsing on the internet. This kind of maximized online traffic develops dynamic chances for firms to advertise their offers. This question of Facebook ads versus Google ads is important for firms that want to maximize their incomes, and you’ll get answers in this post.

Google Ads

This is an online advertising program by Google, which enables advertisers to bid on some particular keywords so their clickable advertisements can show up on the SERPs of Google. It’s the largest CPC (cost per click) advertising platform in the world, which makes sure that companies get higher conversion rates. They expect an advertiser to pay for each click on an advertisement. Usually, the cost per click is around $2 on this display network.

Facebook Ads

This is a pioneer in the “paid social” field or social media advertising. When it comes to the number of monthly users, Facebook takes the lead, and Facebook ads allow businesses to reach different kinds of audiences. It assists advertisers in targeting users that have self-serve tools and provides reports tracking the performance of each ad.

Now that you know about the two platforms, let’s check out which is the best for you between Google ads and Facebook ads.

Google Ads advantages

Wide Reach

Google offers competitive advertisers maximum audience reach. That’s one of the main perks of Google advertising which enables users to create advertisements on top SERPs for chosen keywords. It assists businesses in building a wider audience and developing brand awareness among their target customers.

Focus on Relevancy and Quality

The main difference between Facebook ads and Google ads is solely because Google ensures high relevance and quality in offering advertising services. The algorithm of Google puts the ads that are very relevant on top according to the search of the user, which allows advertisers to target their main audience.

Different Ad Formats

When businesses want to choose between Facebook ads and Google ads, they need to consider the several enticing formats whereby Google displays ads. Google search, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Google extensions are some main ad formats. The aforementioned formats assist to enhance the customer’s interest in several brands.

Facebook Ads Advantages

Wide reach

While talking about the debate of Facebook ads versus Google ads, one needs to remember that Facebook also offers competitive advertisers with excellent reach among audiences. It’s the most popular social media platform in the world and enables businesses to target immense audiences depending on their behavior online.

Extra Visuals

Facebook advertising offers advertisers a variety of visuals which gives it an edge over Google ads. Visual marketing is a widely used strategy by businesses to help their businesses. One of the main benefits of Facebook ads is that it offers a high-resolution and stunning visual carousel to maximize their aesthetic appeal.

Excellent Return on Investment

When it comes to ROI, Facebook ads are often better than Google ads. Facebook ads are cheaper than Google ads while still allowing users to reach extremely targeted audiences. This will enable advertisers to get a better ROI and statistically measure their results.

All in all, choosing between Google ads and Facebook ads is solely based on your business needs. The information we’ve provided above should assist you in making an informed decision.

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