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Let’s all take a little while to learn why it’s important to keep your call to action strong and your contact form EASY.  All the time I am seeing landing pages with a terrible lack of emphasis on contact forms being easy and call to action’s being direct.

Contact forms’ are usually your key to encourage people to submit their contact info to your company or site.  Ideally, it sets up the ability to have a conversation between the lead and your company.  So lets’ get one thing straight- Keep the contact form SIMPLE and EASY!  Think about it, the longer it takes you to fill out a form, the more likely you are to ditch the idea and navigate away from the page.  Also, if it is unknown as to whether they are going to get a phone call, email, or a knock at the door from the CEO, then people will get uneasy.


Have ONLY the required fields.  Typically, the less work your lead has to do, the better.  If it exceeds the length of your typical browser on a normal 18 inch screen, you are doing it wrong, bro.  Also, Make sure you let your people know what they can expect when they fill the form out.  Nobody fills that garbage out for no reason.  They want to GET something out of it.  Also, give them an expectation on when and what they can expect as far as contacting them goes.

Typically, your call to action will be above your fold, but below the form.  The link should definitely be a bold color, and make sure that it draws your attention on your landing page.  The call to action examples could be something along the lines of:

Free Demo

Order Now

Buy Now

Sign Me Up!

etc, etc, etc…..You know your product better than I do, so come up with it yourself!

Make sure to test your conversions after you follow this simple set of instructions, and then give us some comments to let us know your results!


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