A good landing page to a PPC campaign is essential in gaining a high conversion rate making the campaign become profitable to the advertiser. However, creating a good landing page can be quite difficult especially with the number of different landing pages advertisers can choose to use. After choosing the right landing page that will suit the advertising campaign, an advertiser will then have to choose what to actually put on the landing page. What information and widgets should be displayed on a landing page? Here are a few things you should try to include on your landing page.


Social Media Buttons

Of course, you don’t want to swamp your landing page with social media buttons. Therefore, only choose the  ‘big three’ as I like to call them being Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In doing this, you can gain valuable added contextual traffic. It works because the traffic that reaches the landing page is contextual and from a PPC campaign. They also have shown an interest in the advert which means they will show an interest in the landing page too. Therefore, there is more chance that the web user is going to share the landing page to their social network. The people that will see the share on the social network will also most probably share the same interests as the web user who is sharing the landing page. Therefore, people will click onto the social media link bringing in referral traffic to the landing page. It’s potentially two times the traffic for the price of one!


Clear Information

Whatever objective you have set yourself for your landing page to achieve, it needs to display clear precise information to the web user so they know exactly what the landing page is about. The main concern you will need to be worried about is the average time on site (which you can measure with Google Analytics) of your landing page. If you don’t display information the web users want to see and expect to see after clicking on your advert, they will click away making the average time on site very low.



Another important statistic that advertisers should take into consideration with their landing page is the bounce rate. A high bounce rate in general is pretty bad because it means web users are spending more time clicking away from your site than staying on it. For this reason, it is important to put links to your website on your landing page. In doing this you will keep web users from leaving your website which will increase the chances of evoking a conversion. Although some landing pages such as an infomerical page don’t usually adopt many links, they can still be scattered keeping web users hooked to your website.


There we have it. Three important tips which you should try to include on your landing page. However, this is not black and white but merely grey. Every campaign out there is unique and different in its own way. Therefore, one landing page may suit, for example, social media buttons on their landing page better than others. Only include the above ‘things’ if you know it can boost your conversion rate or traffic to your landing page: there is no pointing wasting space on your landing page by placing social media buttons on it when you have stats to show that you don’t get many shares. Instead, you can use the space on your landing page for other more effective widgets etc.

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