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Though rumors are rife that Google is in the process of reducing its dependency on Links or at least trying to bring some changes the way it used to treat links as a metrics of SEO signals and the latest series of blog posts, marketers are as always obsessed with Links just to give their online presence a shot in its arm. And so, we are basically back to square zero and as we are left with little choice other than building great content, providing great users experience, we need to find a way to get links from sites that are truly adding value to the website rather than being there just to have some links on them. Now, as things stand, Google will only love you and your dog well, if you channelize all your effort to get links naturally. Now, you might be wondering why on earth people would care to give a link back to your website and help you earn some lump sum when you hardly know them. Yah, the secret of the sauce is creating a buzz worthy content. The days of rehash content are long gone and being a marketer I am really happy with that. So, lets face the reality and start doing things that will make the web an enjoyable place rather than going for some junk links that will add little credibility to your website as a whole. Still wondering how to start or what to start? Ok, let me help you in the process:

Do Not be Obsessed with Links Only: Links are good and they do help your website gain some traction in the visibility front but  you should not go overboard while doing so. Yah having great content on your website is certainly going to help you earn some links in the most natural way, and good luck for that, but you need to make sure that you are writing for the sole purpose of getting links. This is not goona help you in either way. When you are in the process of creating a great and sharable content, you need to focus only on writing rather than focusing on how to make it share worthy. A great content is like a great song where passion comes first rather than the marketing of the song and other technicalities.


Add Some Social Sharing Buttons: When you are done with writing, you have to make sure that it reaches out to a greater number of targeted readers. To make it happen, you need to go on promoting it insanely on different social media site. Facebook is certainly the highest calling when it comes to promoting content and reaches out to those people who are otherwise impossible to reach. Now, if you are using some nice images in your website, you can easily gets your hands dirty in Pinterest, the new poster boy of socializing. Just get some rocking images shared there and you will see visitors pouring from all around.

Use Your Social Circle: It always makes sense to share things that you love the most with the people you know personally rather than going for the wild vagueness in different social media sites.  These people will make you see the faults in write-ups if there are any and they might happily give a link back to your website without your badgering their lives with constant requests. If the write-up is good, these good and jolly people may go on sharing the same article with their friend circle and the process thus will go on. So, can you see the possible impact of your articles? I hope you can and this definitely makes you see the reasons why you should be using your circle for promoting articles.

Pay for It: If you wish to make the impact count, I hope you would not mind paying for it. However, I am not asking you to cheat. Of course not, what I am suggesting is that you can go for the paid subscription of Stumble Upon and its likes that possess enormous potentials to drive hordes of traffic to your website. So, loose your purse string a little bit and success will come knocking at your door.

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