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There are advertisers out there that will read articles on how to make a good campaign in PPC. They will take on board what the Why You Should Constantly Update Your PPC Campaignarticle states and incorporate the article’s points into their own campaign. This is going to make their campaign better only temporarily. The problem is that some advertisers think that a campaign is a ‘one off’ job. You create it and leave it to get on gaining  your landing page traffic. However, this is not what advertisers should be doing. A campaign is a commitment. Once you have created it, you need to maintain its performance because if you leave it, just like a website without any new articles on it, the traffic will slowly start dwindling away. Here is why all advertisers should constantly update their own pay per click campaigns.



Trends Change

Pay per click advertising is based around what is popular at the time. For example, a normal campaign works well throughout the year but not at Christmas and a Christmas campaign works well at Christmas but not during the rest of the year. You need to realise that every month (or even week) has different trends that appear to become popular that month (or week). This is when advertisers need to adapt their campaign to take advantage of these new and upcoming trends.

A great example of a trend from 2013 is mobile advertising. We have all been blown away with how affordable and good smartphones have become: I don’t think I don’t know anyone without one! Since this is a market which seems to be growing, it would be much more beneficial, depending on what you are trying to advertise, to create a mobile PPC campaign instead as your reach could be potentially more with mobile advertising.



Your Campaign is Not Perfect

It needs to be addressed that there is not one single campaign out in the world that is ‘perfect’. Some campaign are better than others (like which is pretty good). This makes it clear that every single campaign can be improved upon.

If every campaign can be improved, you should set yourself time on a reoccurring basis (such as once a week for an hour or so) to try and improve your campaign. Look at your Google Analytics account linked to your landing page to see where your landing page’s weaknesses are and then rectify these weaknesses. It is far too easy to forget about a problem. The truth in PPC is that the longer you forget about a problem in PPC, the more damage it will do to your overall campaign.



Ultimately, what makes a campaign good in PPC is how quickly it is able to react to real life matters that affect its customers. If you can update your campaign to make sure it relates to the real life matters of your customers, you will find that your campaign will be working much more effectively at gaining conversions than before.

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