In the last two weeks, I have been creating articles that looked at all the different forms of landing pages out there that are used in PPC [Must Read] How to Optimise ANY PPC landing Pageand how you can optimize them to ultimately improve your campaign’s performance. For this reason, I thought it would be a great idea to locate all these helpful articles into one structured article (being this one). Taken from the different types of landing pages available, below are ways to optimize each individual landing page.


Click Through Page

Optimise a PPC Click Through Landing Page

The click through landing page is a landing page which requires the user to click on some sort of button which will take them to another page which is where the real conversion occurs (such as a sale or filling in of information). Therefore, to optimize this landing page will require you to remember that all you want is to entice the web user further into a click: a call to action.



Infomercial Page

Optimising an Infomercial Landing Page

The infomercial landing page is the closest thing to how a TV advert works. The page is all about cramming in as much information as possible onto one web page which usually ends up meaning you have to scroll at least 3 page lengths before you come to the end of the landing page. To optimize this, you will have to use elements such as the 51% marathon which you will find out in the above article.



Lead Capture Page

Optimizing a Lead Capture Landing Page in PPC

A lead capture page is a landing page designed to gather information from the web user. This means a lead capture page will usually include some type of form or questionnaire for the web user to fill in. Since the majority of lead capture pages require the web user to do ‘work’ for free, you need to optimize your lead capture page so that you keep the web users hooked into giving their information over.



Microsite Page

Optimising a Microsite Landing Page in PPC

A microsite, as it says in the name, is a small ‘micro’ styled website which can be completely separated from the main website. Although it is a lot of work in setting up a microsite, the rewards of a well designed microsite can be much higher than other forms of landing pages.




Optimising a Homepage PPC Landing Page

A homepage can be one of two types of landing pages. It can be a landing page for lazy advertisers who cannot be bothered to create a specific landing page for their campaign. However, it can also be a optimized page for traffic to go to which gives them access to all areas of that website. A homepage can be optimized for PPC.



Product/Service Page

Optimising a Product/Service Landing Page

A product/service page is a dedicated page on a website which is aimed at advertising and displaying information on a specific product or service. To optimize this type of landing page requires you to not include all the information of the product/service above the fold and to also remember what exactly you have in mind as a conversion.


I hope this article proves useful to you like it has for so many others and that concludes the ‘Optimize a Landing Page’ series!

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