AdWords Editor 9.7.1 30 Nov 2011

As many of you will recall, AdWords allows advertisers the ability to compare performance between top-of-page ads and those appearing on the side of search results.  Google announced top-of-page bid estimate is now built into automated rules and AdWords Editor 9.7.1.

In order to create the rule, select “All online campaigns,” click the “Keywords” tab, click the “Automate” button and select “Raise bid to top of page CPC when…” and fill out the necessary information. I would recommend you set a maximum bid.  Also, you will want to consider only bidding up keywords that have good quality scores in order to maintain lower costs for your account.

The new software allows users to see top-of-page bid estimates, raise bids using Advanced bid changes and filter keywords based on top-of-page bid estimates.  A new cool feature is the ability to target wifi only devices.  Basically, now you can target mobile devices that are only using wifi, great for all the mobile companies out there that want to snag those users.  This can all be seen in the latest version of AdWords Editor 9.7.1.

Here are all the additional changes:

  • Automatic destination URL corrections. AdWords Editor replaces %, <, and > symbols in destination URLs with %25, %3C, and %3E, respectively. Exception: If % is followed by two hexadecimal digits (numbers 0 through 9 or letters A through F), such as %AB or %23, it remains unchanged.
  • Faster cut, copy, and paste options.  This took forever before but looks to be fixed.
  • Campaign experiments: Experiment serving status, name, start and end dates, %, and other fields now appear in the campaigns tab. All fields are read-only.

I hope you like all the changes.  All of these changes especially the top of page ads should help you to even more so maximize your revenues!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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